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About this mod

This mod removes jealousy from the game and allows you to romance and marry multiple NPCs at the same time

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This mod changes how romance works in the following ways:
  • Allows you to form new romantic interests when already married to someone else
  • Allows you to get married when already married to someone else (doesn't affect old marriage)
  • Prevents romance interests (including existing spouses) from getting upset when you get married
  • Prevents romantic interests from getting jealous when they see you interacting intimately with another romantic interest
  • Prevents romantic interests from getting jealous when they see you on a date with another romantic interest
  • Allows you to select any spouse to sleep in a bed in your house, and they will now sleep there at night
  • Allows spouses to kiss you and each other when in range (optional)
  • Makes kissing sound more realistic
  • (Experimental) Allows you to romance and marry normally non-romanceable human adult  NPCs - apparently going on dates with them is still bugged though
  • (Experimental) Allows you to have a child with whoever is your "current" spouse (see below)
  • (Experimental) Allows female same-sex couples to choose to give birth to a child "naturally" (I'm not sure how/if this actually works)

Things to be aware of when running this mod:
  • There are some parts of the game that require a specific answer to "Who is your spouse?" especially surrounding having children. To fix this, I've added a setting that chooses a spouse as your "current" spouse. In order to choose one spouse as your current spouse, you can either:
    a) talk to them (doesn't work if spouse set to "None")
    b) hit ESC, then open up the UMM interface (CTRL+F10) and click on the spouse's button in the mod settings
  • There are still certain things you can't do unless the game thinks you have no spouse - most importantly marrying Ginger! Before you give Ginger a wedding ring if you're already married, go into the mod settings and set your spouse to "None". Other NPCs might have similar problems. Phyllis does not, so her marriage quest should trigger even if you are married and have a "current" spouse.
  • Once you successfully propose to an NPC, the mod uses your fiance as the current spouse until the marriage. This is necessary to ensure the marriage occurs with the proper spouse, but keep in mind that during the proposal period (including proposal quests, I think) you won't be able to set a different current spouse.
  • Please note there may be other unforeseen consequences of having multiple spouses or romantic interests while married, both for gameplay and for the actual running of the game - this mod may cause unexpected gameplay or even corrupt your save game!


Unity Mod Manager -
Please make sure you have the latest version of UMM if the mod doesn't work.

How to install the mod
  • Download the latest version of this mod.
  • Use the Unity Mod Manager to install the downloaded zip file. (See UMM page for details)
  • Run the game.

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.