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Automatically wake up in the morning without pressing "E"

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Tired of pressing "E" every morning to wake up? Then this mod is for you. A real quality of life mod.
This mod automatically lets you wake up and stand up every morning.

There is a possibility to oversleep up to 30 minutes in the morning. This can be toggled in the UMM menu and is disabled by default. Also the chance to oversleep can be adjusted there (default is 15%).

If you use Instant Actions v0.3.0+ and use its instant wake up option, than you won't need my mod. But my mod won't skip the sleeping and wake up animation, if you like it more realistic.
Both mods use the same internal mechanic to "wake up".

Unity Mod Manager -

How to install the mod
  • Download the latest version of this mod.
  • Use the Unity Mod Manager to install the downloaded zip file. (See UMM page for details)
  • Run the game

***If the game is updated, open UMM and install the Portia profile again.***

How to use the mod
  • Load up a save.
  • Pause the game by opening any menu (so the mouse cursor is available)
  • Use Ctrl + F10 to open (or close) the Mod manager
  • Ensure this mod is enabled on the right - Status should be green.
  • Click on "Auto Wake Up" to open options menu
  • Adjust settings as desired
  • Click "Save" and close the UMM menu

(Possible) Known Issues
  • It can happen, that you don't wake up automatically. That's basically because your game loads too long until a new day starts.
    I estimated about 4 secs for the loading screen with the alarms clocks ringing. You can adjust this time in the UMM config menu.
  • When using Jovians 'Custom Music Player' Add-on you probably won't wake up automatically as loading times will increase. Adjust the time in UMM menu.

This mod uses the JSON library by danielcrenna.

Thanks to aedenthorn for the tip how to improve my code.