My Summer Car
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Cursed Satsuma mean what it mean

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So, this is my save from youtube, a cursed save.

Why is it cursed ?
For two example :
When I drive, the car go trought the map and I die,
When I detach the engine for take the racing flywheel and retach the engine and rebolt all, the car don't want to move,

What contain this save ?
Full build GT satsuma (but don't move)
Ruscko rebuild
Tangerine Pickup (go trought another dimension)
Spawn at apartement, no house key
All item at apartement or Vetti Cottage
You can drive the Kekmet, Bike, Ruscko, Tangerine, but no Gifu and Hayosiko key, you have to do the uncle's mission
40% reduction at Fleetarie