My Summer Car

About this mod

Your grandmother has a car she never uses, maybe she'll give it to you if you help her out?

Permissions and credits
Tangerine FZ-120 Pickup
Authors : Fredrik and Zip


Provides the player with a new type of transportation, the pickup, the staple of all farmland utility needs. Has a nice big bed for all your transporting needs (fits 3 beer cases across length-wise). But wait, to whom does this car belong to? It belongs to your grandmother, who might hand you the keys if you help her out with her groceries. If you do acquire it, you'll have a friend for the rest of your life, you can do all kinds of activities, including, but not limited to, racing, lifts, transporting engine parts on the aforementioned big bed. Just make sure to fill the fuel tank up with gasoline! If you want a new paintjob, why not paint the car with spray cans, bought at 'Teimon Kauppa', the best store in Peräjärvi, if you're feeling extra fancy you can design your own custom skin and order it from Fleetari.
Drive safe and remember to wear your seat belt! 


A new fully working car, seamlessly integrated into the game.

Interactive to, or beyond, the scale of other vehicles in the game.

All major parts paintable (Doors, Hood, Tailgate, Body and Fuel Hatch).

Openable Doors, Hood, Tailgate and Fuel Hatch.

Fully detailed interior with gauges, knobs, glovebox, seat belt, sunvisors and interior light.

Integrated and working with the various jobs and activities in the game, giving lifts, drag racing etc.

Custom skin support, place Tangerine.png (template available in Miscellaneous files) in Images-folder (Load/Reload skin with F5-key). You can order paints at Fleetari's repair shop from the default catalog.

Keyboard, controller and wheel input support.

Mod Loader Pro


Put TangerinePickup.dll in your "Mod Loader Pro" mods-folder.
  eg. "Steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Mods"

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If you have problems, need help or found a bug, please post a bug report in the BUGS-tab and let us know. It's very important that you give me as much information as possible if you run into a problem. This is an absolutely huge mod (2100+ lines of code, 88000 vertices and 6 months of work), there's bound to be problems, so please do be as detailed as you possibly can.
Keep in mind, bug reports without a proper description of the problem (reproduction steps are also welcome), list of other mods and a pastebin link of the output_log.txt (located in game folder\mysummercar_data) will be immediately removed without warning at my discretion.

Thank you for downloading!