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  1. eehite
    • supporter
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    I'm getting a strange behavior--quick pause works, but I can't change the bind. It stays bound to the default F4. I'm using MSCloader with the compatibility pack, but I get the binding problem with both MSCloader and ModLoaderPro versions of this mod.

    Anyone else had this/have a solution?
  2. gopnikblin1
    • member
    • 24 posts
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    Great mod overall, but one thing I noticed with the pause function was that the time would continue to move while everything is stopped. Is it not possible to make time stop as well when pausing? Or would it cause a game breaking glitch? Just asking btw.
    Edit: I just remembered that when I used the ignition hotkey option, the engine would just die when I got far away. Not sure if it was just my accidentally hitting the R key or if it was a bug. Just dropping this here.
  3. Hayden36363636
    • member
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    im reasking cus it says 14 posts and 13 comments how do i use the ignition 
  4. Hayden36363636
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    how do i use the ignition
  5. ParadoXNA
    • premium
    • 32 posts
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    Not really a bug, but I did notice that if I use the quick pause for awhile (~10-15mins) and resume the game, my windshield will blow off the car and items tend to fly around. This is probably a physics bug with the game.

    Great mod overall though, very useful features. Good job bro!
  6. downtownsj05
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    • 8 posts
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    Great another mod loader I need to learn how to use. *skip* 
    1. Athlon007
      • supporter
      • 123 posts
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  7. JKUser0PL
    • member
    • 31 posts
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    Playtime mod? Playtime and clock in HUD?
  8. HamburgerKing9
    • member
    • 38 posts
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    Hello again, Athlon! I have a suggestion/request for you!

    Please remove the new songs from the Pub Nappo in the Experimental Branch. I'm tired of these damn songs! Please bring back the old three.

    Or maybe add like a options list in the Mod Settings so we can disable each song individually? :0

    I hope these will be added! :D Thank you Athlon, have a good day! :)
  9. StixBone
    • member
    • 39 posts
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    Would you consider adding rest of the bugfixes from MOP in a future update? That is if they are still a thing.
  10. AbbasGamer153
    • member
    • 22 posts
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    Man, this so cool.
    new suggestion if i park any vehicle and starts roll if i outside.
    please add this tweak