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Athlon's Tweaks Pack is a pack of multiple tiny mods, that are meant to fix, enhance or add new experience to the game.

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Athlon's Tweaks Pack is the a pack of multiple tiny mods, that are meant to fix, enhance or add new experience to the game.
Each tweaks is designed to be as light weight as possible, so it doesn't decrease the performance of your game.

Tweaks List
Currently, there are 13 tweaks available, 5 of which are already built into the MOP.

New in 1.1:
  • Auto Music Import: Enable it, to make MOP automatically import music into the game, upon main menu load
  • Stopwatch: Easily measure time with UI stopwatch. To enable it, press Numpad 0 (you can change binds in the mod key bind settings), Numpad 1 to Start/Pause the stopwatch, Numpad 2 to make a split and Numpad 3 to reset the stopwatch

These are:
  • Fix Repair Shop Cash Register Trigger: Makes the cash register trigger inside of repair shop larger, so it's much easier to click it.
  • Fury Collisions: Adds missing colliders to the car that's inside of repair shop.
  • Disable collision between Satsuma doors and garage table: Disables the collision between Satsuma doors and garage table, so doors won't jam on that table
  • Disable distance check for Amis: For some reason, two Amis cars spawn only when player is outside of Perajarvi, so they won't spawn, if player loads the game in Perajarvi. This tweak disables that check, so they spawn no matter the distance.
  • Disable engine hoist: After installing the engine into Satsuma, engine hoist's only purpose is to clutter your garage. This tweak allows you to disable it.
  • Disable store restocking distance limit: Disables the script, that prohibits the restocking script from executing, if player is too close to the Store on Thursday night.
  • Dynamic Draw Distance: Dynamically changes the draw distance, depending on player's in world position.
  • Dynamic HUD: Allows you to disable the portion of the HUD in the top left corner, and bring it back using a hotkey
  • Fall Damage: Adds a fall damage that is not present in the game :) Physics bug proof!
  • Hide Menus on Click: Lets you hide the menus in the options by clicking the corresponding button again
  • Improved Clutch: Satsuma's clutch must be made out of paper, because it takes nothing to burn it. This tweak makes it harder (but not impossible) to burn the clutch
  • Pause on focus loss: Normally the game runs in the background if you ALT+TAB from it. This tweak makes it so the game pauses if it loses the focus.
  • Quick Auto Clutch: lets you easily enable and disable auto clutch using assigned keyboard key (works only with in-game cars)
  • Superscaled Screenshots: Allows you to take the screenshot above your screen's resolution
  • Z-Fighting Fixes: Fixes Z-Fighting (texture clipping) on multiple objects in the game.
  • (1.2) Improved Satsuma Windows: This tweak improves how the window crank works in Satsuma. You no longer need to spam the mouse wheel, in order to fully close the window!
  • (1.2) Less Obnoxious AI Boat: Tones down the sound of the AI boat
  • (1.2) Quick Pause: Lets you quickly and easily pause the game (F4 by default)
  • (1.2) Get Over Here!: Makes Jokke visible on the 16:9 screens, in the main menu.
Items that are written in italic are already included in the MOP, and are hidden if you use MOP


Download mod, paste it in MSC Mod Loader Mods folder (ex. C:\Users\Athlon\Documents\MySummerCar\Mods) and start the game - that's it!