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This mod adds a working cassette tapes. You can put music on them.

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!!! Bug reports without correct output_log.txt attached will be closed without any reply. !!!

This mod may not work with modded vehicles, if it works on modded vehicle then it's fine, but please don't report bugs about modded vehicles, because they are not officially supported.

Cassettes are buyable in Shop near inspection.

  • Play, rewind, eject cassettes
  • Works with boombox and vehicles (stock radio, not cdplayer)
  • After eject cassette, music position is saved and will play where you end.
  • Multple format support (*.mp3, *.flac, *.ogg, *.wav, *.aiff)
  • Just insert cassette into radio and enjoy.
  • Attach custom labels and arts for cassettes and boxes. (see \Mods\Assets\CassetteTapes\ for examples)
  • (there is no need to "import radio songs" in menu)

How to put music:
  • Go to existing "Radio" folder in MSC
  • Inside that folder create new folders (each folder will be a new cassette), name them whatever you want.
  • Put some files inside these folders, name doesn't matter
  • Run game and buy cassette from teimo store.
  • (Optional) You can also create file folders.txt in Radio root folder and in each line in text file add full path to music folders on your hard drive. Example:


Comming soon:
  • Cassette storage/rack (to grab more than one cassette)
  • And more ideas (give some)