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Modify the chance of survival whenever someone falls during an Auto Resolved battle!

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This mod allows you to modify the survival chance of all tiers through the easy to use config file. This mod is a game changer, because this logic applies to all auto calculated battles, including AI battles. So you'll see armies and parties of lords and ladies no longer be composed almost entirely of peasants. So prepare for that in advance.


- Manually download the lastest version (I don't trust Vortex).
- Extract the folder called "DontDieOnMe" onto "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules".
- Launch the launcher, go to mods, and enable "BetterSurvival".


In the game, the chance of survival depends on a few things, but what matters most is the level of the troop. The formula is as follows:

Survival chance : 1 - 1 / (1 + (troopLevel * 0.03))

This means that a lv 26 troop has a 43% chance to be wounded whenever it is 'killed' during simulation.
A level 1 troop on the other hand, has a 3% chance to survive. (These values are slightly modified by skills such as medicine, but not by much)

What this mod does, is allow you to modify the result of that calculation by some factor, by default, it is as follows:

Tier 0 troop = 0% extra chance to survive.
Tier 1 troop = 0% extra chance to survive.
Tier 2 troop = 0% extra chance to survive.
Tier 3 troop = 20% extra chance to survive.
Tier 4 troop = 40% extra chance to survive.
Tier 5 troop = 60% extra chance to survive.
Tier 6 troop = 80% extra chance to survive.

Important: Remember, giving a tier 1 troop an extra 50% chance to survive doesn't mean that half the tier 1 troops are going to survive a battle, all it does is increase the natural survival chance of a tier 1 troop (3%) by 50%, giving the troop a 4.5% chance of survival.

My game crashes, why?

- You didn't unblock my .dlls.

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