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As horses lose HP, they will become slower and slower. Adding realism and naturally nerfing horses.

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I really dislike how horses are just machines that don't care if you shoved a sword up its ass, now, the more injured they are, the slower they become. It really gives a new feel to lengthy battles where you now see injured horses left and right.

- Only works on latest beta branch (v1.1.0), If the game crashes on startup, you either didn't unblock the .dlls, or you're not running v1.1.0 of the game.


- Horses slow down as they become injured.
- Not performance intensive, the mod ONLY runs when a horse gets hit, and the logic that it does is incredibly simple.
- Comes with a config file so you can easily modify what you want.


- Manually download the lastest version (I don't trust Vortex).
- Extract the folder called "HorseSlow" onto "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules".
- Launch the launcher, go to mods, and enable "HorseSlow".
- Fuck horse archers.


- Won't work on a custom battle since the code path for handling hits is different in that mode and I don't care enough about custom battle to include it there too.


The horse speed calculation is as follows:

SpeedModifier = 1 - ( ( 1 - remainingHP ) / speedFactor in config )

For instance, if a horse has 30% HP remaining, and the speedFactor is left at default (2.55) then:
SpeedModifier = 1 - ( ( 1 - 0.3 ) / 2.55 )
 = 1 - ( 0.7 / 2.55 )
 = 1 - 0.27
 = 0.72

this value is then multiplied to the horse speed, which would turn a horse of speed 35, to 25.

You can modify the speedFactor variable in the config file included in the mod. Increase the value to decrease the rate of horse slowing, and vice versa.

Thanks to PaloKan for the formula!

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