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Completely rebuild the mod, new methods to affect party sizes and party spawning.
New Features
All new Dynamic bandit multiplier based on elapsed days
optional player caravan size modified by clan size or static, clan parties, AI lords of Player created kingdom and the player'sd party
Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms,
Tavern m

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
Allows you to affect the party limits on a modular basis. It will allow you have different sized bandit parties base on type, as well as AI party sizes on a per faction basis, also can set different limits for the following minor parties peasants, outlaws and mercenaries.
Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms support added for kingdoms, villagers, manhunters, militia, caravans, base garrison sizes.

Kingdom now has militia modifiers as well as base garrison size modifier, recruitment rates are inreased with kingdom AI lords party sizes to help allow the AI lords parties to grow with the new sizes.

Player caravans, clan parties, AI lords that belong to the Player created kingdom and the player as well can all now be modified when clan level is greater than 0.

The current range for modifiers from 0.1 to 10, with values below 1.0 reducing troop limits and values above it increasing troop limits.

Now includes the leadership and stewardship tweaks as well as prisoner size tweaks from KaosesTweaks

The mod should now be translatable with the string file uploaded in the files sections

Supported parties:

  • looters
  • Mountain Bandits
  • Forest Bandits
  • Sea Raiders
  • Desert Bandits
  • Steppe Bandits


  • Native
  • Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms
  • Player Kingdom AI lords

  • Normal
  • Elite
  • Player static or clan size based

  • Villagers
  • Outlaws
  • Mercenary
  • Minor
  • militia
  • Tavern mercenaries
  • Player Ai clan member party sizes
  • Player Caravan sizes, static or Clan size based
  • Player party
  • Player created kingdom AI lords

Expanded Details


  • All bandit parties including looters and sea raiders. Any party id's with key words looters, bandits or raiders are looked at.
keyword caravan
  • Caravans

Elite Caravans

keyword elite
  • Elite Caravans

keyword kingdom_hero

  • All native kingdom factions

keyword kingdom_hero and that aren't one of the native major factions
  • Jawwal
  • Karakhuzaits
  • Forest People
  • Eleftheroi

keyword mercenary
  • Ghilman
  • Legion of the Betrayed
  • Skolderbrotva
  • Company of the Boar

keyword outlaw.
  • Beni Zilal
  • Wolfskins
  • Embers of Flame
  • Guardians
  • Hidden Hand
  • Lakepike
  • Brotherhood of Woods

  • Player clan
  • Player kingdom AI lords
  • Player

keyword villager

  • All native villager parties

Custom Spawns Mod

Keyword cs_
  • Single multiplier that applies to all cs_ parties

It is best to install the mod via vortex if you are not an advanced user
Add the mod folder to your modules folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount
& Blade II Bannerlord\Modules) unblock the dll and then activate it.

If the game crashes when trying to load with the mod ensure you are using one of the launchers found on nexus and ensure dll files are unblocked

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