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Elite troop tree of every faction expanded. Specialized units to create more diverse armies.

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Elite troop tree of every faction expanded to one more branch.

Each faction has now a new specialized unit (see screenshots). Since you have now more choices it makes that each faction peasants (not the normal recruits but the ones that can be upgraded to mercenaries) can be upgraded to their respective faction elite unit so you can recruit them in a more stable basis. For example the Imperial peasant can be upgraded to an imperial Vigla.



Use Vortex, or download manually and extract the zip file in your Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder, then activate it through the M&B Launcher.

The Vanilla troops touched were:
  • Imperial Vigla Recruit
  • Sturgian Warrior Son
  • Varyag Veteran
  • Khuzait Noble's Son
  • Battanian highborn Youth
  • Vlandian Squire
  • Aserai Youth.

If any other troop mod doesn't touch those units should be compatible. For example 
Unit Stat Fixes is compatible, but the change in the "Sturgian Warrior Son" or the "Varyag Veteran" will not be made (already corrected the stats by myself). For this case to work you should put this mod below in your mod list.

It should be also compatible with 
Noble troops, except for the Praetorian Guard for what i tested he used the exact same ID as i did. I was not very original with the name tbh xD