Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Provide a way to do below things:
1. Modify companion limit.
2. Custom and modify your companion attributes/skills/perks/traits/culture/gender/age/name/level.
3. Export/Import character/template settings.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
Main features:
  • Make maximum companions modifiable.
  • You can create a companion template by Template Editor and use it to create a companion that your want.
  • You can modify your companion's attributes/skills/perks/traits/culture/gender/age/name/level by Character Editor.
  • Export/Import template/character.

Mod tutorials:
  • Open Custom Companion page
            Go to town and click "Custom Series" option and then click "Custom Companion" icon to open Custom Companion page.

   In Custom Companion page

  • Adjust companion limit
           1. Click the number button to adjust companion limit.
           2. Click Done button to apply the setting.

  • Create/Delete/Rename companion template
           Click Template Editor button and it will open a page that similar Character page.

           In Template Editor page, you can modify attributes, skills, perks and traits without any limitation.

           Create/delete/rename/import template by click corresponding button.

          Click attribute button to increase/decrease attribute.

          Click +/- button to edit Focus points.

          Click Modify Skill Value button to set skill level.

          Click perk icon to pick/unpick perk.

          Click trait icon to select/unselect the trait.

          After the editing is done, click done button to save all templates.

  • Create companion by template
           1. Click drop-down list and chose a template.
           2. Choose the name, culture, gender, age and level you want.
           3. Click Create Companion button.

  • Modify existing character
           Click Character Editor button and it will open a page that similar Template Editor page.

           The functions of Character Editor are almost the same as Template Editor,
           the only difference is that you can modify culture/gender/age/level in it.

           Also, you can click the quill pen icon to rename your character.

  • Export your template/character
       Click the Export template or Export Character in Custom Companion page.
       After that, the export menu will pop up. Select a template/character you want to export and then click Done button.
       The exported file will be saved in templates folder which is under mod folder "CustomSeries/CustomCompanionData" .

  • Import the exported file.
       Click the Import button in Template Editor/Character Editor.
       After that, the import menu will pop up, it will contain the exported file that you can import. (Only the files that be parsed successfully will show up.)
       Select a file you want to import and then click Done button.

That's all, hope you enjoy this mod!

Special thanks:
Thanks to Lesser Scholar, without his mod tutorial videos, all of this can't be done.

Also thanks the people who gave me the suggestions in the comments.
paja128 - Rename character
Mayckonfilho - Culture modification
Adversarius76, Zudakas - Export/Import feature
teecil - Menu item move up
Adversarius76 - Level modification
Dailovic - Banner Kings mod compatible
laidback99, RiiNagaja - Companion Limit slider too sensitive