Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Allows the customization of troop and companion wages, recruitment costs and time before next payment.

Permissions and credits
All of these changes affect player clan only, they have no effect on AI (to keep the native balance)

  •  Modify troop wages up or down to your liking depending on the tier of said troop (you need to posess the ability to do basic math)
  • Additionally modify wages, depending on whether your troop is from noble troop tree or is mounted
  • Modify the wages of the companions up or down
  • Set the recruitment costs of units, depending on their tier, type
  • Set the amount of days between each wages payment (for your clan's parties and garrisons)
  • Modify the cost of upgrading troops up or down (based on if noble or standard)

´╗┐This mod works with Kaoses tweaks, ideally you want to set the party wage multiplier there to 1, for obvious reasons

Known Incompatibilities:
  • Banner Kings 

If you are curious about how bannerlord handles troop upgrading - the cost of recruitment of a new troops is in the formula, so keep that in mind if you decide to use my "modify upgrading troops" feature, troops who upgrade to mounted will naturally be more expensive, since the game adds the cost of a horse to them

Big thanks to gnivler for all his help, without him this probably wouldn't exist