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An updated version of the awesome mod Neated's NPC upgrade equipment that has outdated MCM. NPC lords and companions leading their own party will now automatically look for and purchase/equip better versions of gear when they enter a city.

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This is the fix based on NeatedNPCsupgradeEquipment Updated 1.2.2


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Wondering why NPC's never upgraded their equipment even though their troops are always updating theirs? Tired of seeing NPC's wearing the same sh*t every day? Feeling like the only actual human being in Calradia because you could think and decide what's best for your weapon? Then this mod is for you!

I only update the MCM, nothing new yet. Please report any issues. As I haven't intensively tested it, there may be some unknown issue. This mod shouldn't cause any problem as it doesn't use harmony to patch campaign behavior. But this mod requires the latest MCM to access the setting.


The aim of this mod is to make Calradia feels alive by letting the NPC's to upgrade their equipment whenever they find a better one in town. No more feeling like the only one that always keeps growing more powerful in the game. NPC's will now grow too! they will buy any better armor and weapons than what they are equipped with if they have the money to do so. 

Generally, all NPC party leaders (lords, and companions leading their own parties) will now attempt to "shop" when they enter a city, they will look for armor/weapons better than what they're currently carrying, and buy/equip them if they can. No more NPC's wearing the same equipment even though they knew that there is better equipment in the town.

They follow some common sense rules to keep anything too weird from happening. Characters will:

  • Try to fill empty armor slots, including their horse and harness slots.
  • Not try to fill empty weapon slots. 
  • Only replace their weapon slots with the same "class" of items -> one-handed sword, arrows, two-handed polearm, bow, etcetera.
  • Only buy items from their own culture or from neutral culture.
  • Respect the skill requirements of horses, bows, and crossbows, and only buy those they can use.
  • Not buy bows/crossbows that can't be used on horseback, if they have a horse equipped.
  • Not buy a horse, if they have a bow/crossbow that can't be used on horseback equipped.
  • Spend at most 10% of their current gold on any given shopping trip.


Uses MCM to make all options adjustable via an in-game configuration screen. This mod must be after MCM in your load order!


Should be able to freely enable or disable on an existing save.

Adds a listener to CampaignEvents.SettlementEntered. Fully compatible with any other mod. Please report any issues!