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This mod let's you see how much ammo (including arrows, bolts, javelins, etc) your army has. It adds a UI counter in the bottom left showing how many arrows your army has remaining out of the total (excluding player ammo). With this added quality of life, you can better assess when your army is out of arrows and needs a change in tactics!

Permissions and credits
Army Arrow Counter

This is a small quality of life mod that gives you insight into the amount of ammunition remaining in your army. If you were the commander in a real medieval battle, you'd be able to ask your sergeants about the ammo status, but alas, Bannerlord has no such functionality. This is the next best thing to try and provide the player with crucial information they need to make the best tactical decisions!

Quick Info on Functionality:
  • Counts all ranged ammunition i.e. arrows, bolts, javelins, throwing axes, etc.
  • Upon entering a battle, counts the arrows of all allied troops. Subtracts arrows whenever your allies fire them, and subtracts/adds in bulk as soldiers die / are deployed in phases.
  • Soldiers being added or dying will effect the max arrows as well i.e. the displayed X / Y stat is for the alive and fighting troops in your army.

  • This mod can be customized!
  • Specifically, the way that the mod tells you how many arrows are remaining is customizable (see images on this page for examples).
  • Inside ArmyArrowCounter/config/config.xml, you can change the text between <CounterType></CounterType> to any of the following options (also found inside the config file as a comment):
  • EXACT_FRACTION: e.g. 1258 / 1721
  • EXACT_PERCENT: e.g. 73%
  • NEAREST_10_PERCENT: e.g. ~70%
  • NEAREST_20_PERCENT: e.g. ~80%
  • NEAREST_25_PERCENT: e.g. ~75%
  • NEAREST_WRITTEN: e.g. "Your army has about three quarters ammunition remaining."
  • EXACT_FRACTION is the default behavior.
  • I'm keen to know which mode gets used most, so once you've settled on one, please let me know via this straw poll!
  • You can also control the prefix before the counter i.e. the "Army remaining arrows: " part. In the config.xml
  • file, between the <Prefix></Prefix> tags, you can change the text to be what you want, including leaving it blank.

Todo List:
  • Count only soldiers under your command (i.e. exclude allied soldiers under AI command).
  • Make the UI element toggleable.
  • Provide in-game Mod Options menu. Would likely require the use of a modding framework, I'm not currently aware of any good options. This will thus be on hold until one comes about.

  • Q: The UI overlaps with another mod's UI!
  • A: You can manually reposition the UI if need be. I won't go in-depth here, but you can edit the file under ArmyArrowCounter/GUI/Prefabs/ArmyArrowCounter.xml to try and reposition this mod's UI elements.

  • Q: I'd like to do make a video/article/post with this mod!
  • A: Feel free! And please send me a link to it, I'd really love to see it myself as well! :)

  • Vortex (mod manager made by Nexus Mods) is the recommended way to install this mod.

Game Version Compatibility:
  • Current version (1.2.8) is compatible with the latest version (1.4.0) and beta branch (1.4.1).
  • Reporting incompatibility issues is highly appreciated! :)

Mod Compatibility:
  • There are currently no known compatibility issues.

Known Issues:
  • While the counter continues after player death in version 1.2.5+, it eventually stops counting. This occurs because (for whatever reason) ally soldiers at some point cease to be considered allies of the player. The fix here is very low-priority, as the counter is not valuable after death anyway, but it may be something I fix in the future.