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A port of the Better Smithing mod to the latest game version. Better Smithing attempts to fix everything wrong with the smithing menus, and also offers configurable quality of life improvements when Forging, including batch Smelting/Refining/Crafting, Automatically adding Tier prefixes to crafted weapons, Saveable weapon design and more.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Mandarin
A port of the Better Smithing mod created by Arganancer to the latest game version with some new features like configurable crafting stamina recovery rate and value weapon's stat while smith. Sources are avaliable on github.

Main Features
Saveable Weapon Designs
Save/Load/Edit/Delete weapon designs. Play the following video to see it in action!

The weapon designs are saved Globally (accessible across all of your saves).
Important note: if you want to use the saved designs of the original BetterSmithing mod, you need to manually transfer the "GlobalWeaponSaveData.xml" file from folder "Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\Mods" to the folder "Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\ModSettings\BetterSmithingContinued".

Smelting Screen Optimizations
Pimped up the smelting screen item list algorithm to be much more performant. Performance issues were really noticeable when you started having 300+ distinct weapons in your inventory. See demo for glorious proof.
Note: Since this feature is incompatible with the BannerlordTweaks “Hide Locked Weapons in Smelting Menu” option, that option will be patched out (non-functional) while you're running BetterSmithing (The feature will run normally if you deactivate BetterSmithing at any time). BetterSmithing offers an alternative solution in the form of a "Hide/Show Locked Weapons" toggle in the smelting menu.

Smelting List Filters
Added the following toggleable filters to the smelting screen:
- Show/Hide Locked Weapons.
- Show/Hide Player Crafted Weapons (Face icon).
- Show/Hide Non-Player Crafted Weapons (Shield icon).
Also added filters for every resource material obtainable from smelting. When these toggles are enabled, weapons must give at least one of the enabled toggle's resource types to appear in the list. Toggles preview here.

Forging Screen Improvements
- Added the weapon value the list of smithed weapon stats. Actual value of the weapon will change if you get random stat bonuses or penalties.
- If a character's blacksmithing skill has reached the soft/hard limit, this will be indicated by the color of the anvil next to their blacksmithing level (see screenshot below). Thanks to MtFuji0315 for this suggestion.

Add Weapon Tier Prefixes (Configurable in ModOptions/BetterSmithing/Crafting)
If set to true, Any newly crafted weapons will be prefixed with their appropriate tiers (Legendary(3), Masterwork(2), Fine(1), Crude(-1), Rusty(-2), Broken(-3) ). 0 Tier (Normal) weapons don't get a prefix.
Does not apply retroactively to weapons crafted before adding the mod.
NOTE: The Prefix is baked into the name at crafting time, which means removing this mod will not remove the prefixes 

Group Identical Crafted Weapons (Configurable in ModOptions/BetterSmithing/Crafting)
As a serial crafter, one of my biggest annoyances with crafting is having to scroll through hundreds of the same crafted item after completely flooding the market. This option when enabled will stack all identical crafted weapons together. For 2 weapons to be considered identical, they must have the exact same name, be the same weapon type, have identical weapon part scales and identical stats.
When toggled on, this option will apply retroactively to any crafted weapons that already exist in your save. Turning this option off will not undo any grouping that has already been done.

Batch Operations Hotkeys
See here for details.

Cycle current character hotkeys
Added hotkeys to cycle the current smithing character back and forth (Defaults = A and D - Configurable in Options/Mouse and Keyboard/Menu Shortcuts).
Added 2 toggleable buttons below the character portrait to change character cycling logic:
- 1) Toggle to only cycle between character's that have enough energy to perform the currently selected main action (Wheat icon).
- 2) [Refining Screen Only] Toggle to only cycle between characters that have the currently selected recipe unlocked (Pitchfork icon).

Crafting Stamina Settings
Now you can set the crafting stamina recovery rate inside and outside town as well as make it infinite.

QoL Features (aka should have been natively implemented this way)
Skip New Weapon Popup Toggle
Adds a button in the Forge tab next to the Forge button. When toggled off, the "New Crafted Weapon" popup dialog will be skipped. If you want to batch-create a weapon with a special name, make sure you open the popup at least once to name your weapon first.

Remove Superfluous Refining Recipes
Characters that have advanced recipes unlocked that are better versions of other recipes will only display the better recipes. See here for example.
Recipe removal is dynamic, so should work with mods that add new recipes as well. Conditions for recipe removal are: Identical input type and quantity, identical output type.

Smelting Last Weapon of the Selected Type sets focus to next logical item instead of reverting to the first item in the list
This just makes sense to me. I hated accidentally smelting all of my crafted weapons at the top of the list.

Changing character does not revert currently selected smelting weapon to the first item in the list
I mean really. Why?

Changing character does not revert currently selected refining recipe to the first recipe in the list
Nothing more annoying than accidentally refining your last wood when you're trying to refine some Thamaskene steel.

Additional Info
All in-menu toggle states are saved globally (not per save) when you exit the smithing menu.

Avaliable Translations

- thanks to Svarog67 for help and motivation to implement the translation system.

If you want to translate this mod, you need to copy the contents of the Modules\BetterSmithingContinued\ModuleData\Languages\EN folder into your language code folder (you can find it in the Modules\Native\ModuleData\Languages folder). In the language_data.xml file, you need to correct the path to the bsc_strings.xml file, and also change the language ID to yours, which you can take from the same file in the Native module folder. In the bsc_strings.xml file, in addition to the translation itself, you will also need to change the language tag (as far as I understand the tag has the same meaning as the ID, but if suddenly this does not work, try opening any of the translation files of the Native module and check its tag).

Please note that you should not translate or modify in any way the text enclosed in curly braces because they are variables. Although there is one exception here: if your language does not have a division of the plural and singular form, you can replace the construct like
{?IS_PLURAL}plural noun form{?}singular noun form{\?}
with just "noun".

If you want me to add your translation here - just send me the translated files and I'll do it.


Honestly I may have missed some of the things I worked on. This mod fixes a lot of things, and I kept running into janky things I felt needed fixing as I was working on my main features.

Please report any issues you find in detail in the bugs tab.

If you have any suggestions on improvements you'd like to see, please post them in the relevant topic on the forum.

This mod can be safely uninstalled/disabled without affecting your save.