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A mod that unlock Tier 7 Troops options, visuals and information. THIS MOD DOES NOT IMPLEMENT NEW TIER 7 TROOPS.
If you don't have mod that add T7 troops, this mod alone is useless.
14/10/2022 : 1.9.0 release is out, choose the version that meet your game version!

Permissions and credits
Hello There,

This mod is designed to complete mods that implement T7 troops in the game, but do not add new troops to the game.

Update 25/08/2022 : Released the Harmony patch. You can chose yourself to use standalone version or Harmony version!
NOTE : Regarding the Harmony mod requirement, I wont add it on nexus mods to avoid confusion to players that download the standalone version. If you download the Harmony version, you know what you're doing!

Here are some Q&A for better understanding:

What the purpose of this mod?

Currently, since few updates, T7 troops are not correctly implemented in the game whereas there still in the game the resources to implement T7 troops (Icons, calculation of Wages, XP...). For example, if you install a mod that add T7 troops to the game, this troops will appeared as Tier 6, won't cost any XP to upgrade and will have T6 wage. This make the game partially broken because T7 troops are generally the most powerful in the game and in current state they come at free since you have T6 troops. This mod is here to fix that!

For which mod is this one intended?
I first created this mod for a mod that I updated for 1.8.0 : Noble Troops Fix

But It should work with other similar mods (implementation of new troops by XML editing).
It should work with True Armies of Calradia or Aserai Overhaul.

Do I need to create a new save?

Quick answer, no!
If you were already using a mod that change the troop trees, you don't need a new save. But if you install this mod AND a new mod that change the troop tree, you'll need a new save (you only need new save if you have new troop trees added to the game, if you only install this mod, you don't need new save).

What about the mod compatibility?
I tried it with Harmony and it start correctly but that does not mean that your Harmony mods will work with this. If your mod does not modify the Troop Upgrade Model (I'm not talking about T7 troop but modifying some tier attributes like the Wage or required XP to upgrade) it should work with this one.

Technically, what the mod do?
In the current code of the game, the max tier depends on a formula, that has been fixed in the 1.8.0 patch to allow T7 troops. Unfortunately this fix is not enough, since I think TaleWorlds Dev have missed/forgotten a part of their : This formula depends on the level of the troop you are looking at/upgrading but it depends on a hardcoded value that enforce a limit for troop tier which is 6.
This mod rewrite this properties to make the max tier value is 7 instead of 6.

Why not making a more versatile mod that permit to create new tier above T7?
The game code is sometimes hard to reverse engineer, and when you understand how it works and what you need to implement you rapidly realize that you will have tons of code to rewrite but that not really a big deal, what makes it very hard to do, is that the more code you write, the more unstable the game might be and there are more chance to have incompatibility with other mods.
That's why I won't enable more than T7 troops in the current code state. And in the current game code, there are many function that interact with Tier value with hardcoded values (generally this value are at 7 which make the T7 easy to reimplement in the game).

And what about Harmony?

Harmony comes with very interesting things that might let me fix all the function that intereact with troop tier. And that's my plan, in a first time, I will port this mod with Harmony [DONE] and then I might look at creating new tiers (this will require lot of work since I will have to implement new icons for each new tier).