Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Changes the horrible, god awful, terrible and unoriginal so-called banners to actual banners. Made for v1.7.1, no idea if its gonna work for 1.7.2 version of PocColor.

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"Taleworlds! Give me back my heraldry!" -Warband players, circa 2020 A.D

This mod aims to improve the horrible, over-casual, off-centered trash banners of bannerlord. In Warband everyone had unique and cool banners and Taleworlds said "nope our players are idiots who cant tell whos who if we put one more color to banners, best go with these idiotic designs" and went for this :

From this :

They could at least add one more color to the color pool but they didn't , oh well, I did. I'll probably add different versions of the mod with different heraldries.

Note to taleworlds : Human mind is hard wired to learn things easily by noticing the differences, similarities confuse us. By making all the banners similar, you just confuse your players as whos who as they cant remember any lord/lady at all.