Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

The original and most premium voice command mod, once featured as #1 in PCGamer's 'Best Bannerlord mods'.

Tired the clunky keys and HUD to command your soldiers? Bark at your soldiers with your voice instead! Requires a working microphone.

Permissions and credits
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SCREAMERLORD - Command soldiers with your voice

This 'mod' uses two custom VoiceAttack profiles that allow you to control your army with your voice. Voiceattack is premium independent app that allows voice-activated control for apps and games. In bannerlord, it allows us to command hands-free and to have a clean, immersive, HUD-free gameplay experience.

#1 in PcGamer's The Best Mount and blade 2 Bannerlord mods

 PCGamer: Bannerlord works brilliantly with voice commands

Absent radios, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord's troops have to listen to the roars of their loud commander when they're waiting for orders. Leaders can get stuck in, slicing up opponents and leading charges, but they can also just stand back and bark at their troops. The Screamerlord mod, which is really a pair of custom VoiceAttack profiles, lets you join in with barks of your own. 
Bannerlord is one of the few games where voice commands feel like more than a novelty. They obviously fit with the theme of being an army commander, but they also just feel like a more efficient way of managing troops. I'm definitely going to keep using it, at least until my neighbours ask me to stop screaming at soldiers in the middle of the night. 
-Fraser Brown, PCGamer

Gamewatcher: The best mount and blade 2 mods
The Screamerlord - Command soldiers with your voice Mod targets those players who want a cleaner HUD while retaining the ability to tell their troops where to go and what to do.

How it works

Wake up your neighbours in the middle of the night by shouting:

"Infantry, kill them all!"

and if you think they're getting away, scream:

"Horsemen, run them down!"

The full version allows multiple selection, like:

"Cavalry and infantry, charge!"

And more advanced commands allow you to say:
"Cavalry, split into two groups! ... first cavalry on me ... second cavalry go there!"

I've made the commands comprehensive to allow for synonyms. As a simple example, we can say either of the following options with the same result: 
  • Ranged units, hold your fire
  • Archers, stop shooting
  • Crossbows, stop firing
Commands are fully customisable via the VoiceAttack interface. You can add more options. Full users can control as many unit groups as allowed by the game.

There are two profiles in the downloads section:

  • For full users: Contains over 80 commands for all your needs, including multiple selection and unit groups 5-9. Voiceattack costs around $8; don't get it before you try it out.
  • For trial users: Contains 20 commands for unlimited free trial users. It contains the essentials, but I've removed some of the more circumstantial ones like 'facing direction', 'dismounting', 'transfer' that you'll never use. Overall, this is the recommended version for most people. If money is not a thing, , the full version has more features and is easier to use; while full users will be able to use partial commands eg. "Infantry" or "charge" separately, free users will need to chain commands together, e.g. "Infantry charge". This means you'll need to speak both the unit selected and the action continously. The alternative would be for me to only allow partial commands; I found chain commands to be more useful when you're in a hurry.

  • Install VoiceAttack via the official website:
  • After setup, full users can use the "import profile" button (Alt-I) and load the .vap file. Free trial users need to create a new profile, and under the 'edit a profile' window click 'import commands'.
  • You're good to go! VoiceAttack works best after you've trained your speech recognition engine. If you're having trouble, follow the tips on the VoiceAttack website.

List of commands
See the quick reference files for a list of commands. Terms in square brackets represent different ways of saying the same thing, with prefixes and suffixes in different square brackets. For example:
[ ; Form a; make a] [line; standard formation] 
Would allow you to use either of 'form a line' or 'make a line' or just 'line', or just 'line formation'. The first term in square brackets is empty, so no suffix is truly necessary.

Other languages
I'm looking for enthusiastic people to help translate the commands into other languages. 

French translation: Now available!
German translation: Now available
Spanish translation (latinoamerica) Now available!

I'd welcome your suggestions to make it even better. I am not associated in any way to the developers of Voiceattack, so for technical support with the program you should contact them yourself. 

Disclaimer: This is intended for single player use. Although it might be used for captain battles in multiplayer, I will not be responsible for anyone getting banned. These profiles are provided for free and I take no responsibility for any problems they cause of any sort. Having said that, I've used this type of utility in many games and have never gotten in trouble.

Apologize to your neighbours and family for me :)