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About this mod

A combat mod with a lot configs. Designed with compatibility in mind. Default configs aim to mimic warband combat style.

Permissions and credits
  • Japanese
Put Warbandlord folder into Bannerlord Game Folder\Modules. Safe to delete or add whenever you want.

  • Most of the functions can be tweaked by changing the config value in user config file. Some of them can be disabled.
  • Missing configs will be added automatically after loading into a game mode.
  • If the mod version lower than v1.1.1.1 or v1.2.4.1, the user config file will be located in %userprofile%\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\Warbandlord
  • In-game config menu supported. You can customize mod configs eassily by using the slider or you can click the option value to input the value you desired. Value have range limit in the config menu.
  • You can customize mod configs outside the game either, the user config file located in the mod folder, named config.xml.
    Value have no range limit by editing the file, but you have to reload your game mode to make it taking effect.
  • Submodule support. You can share your preset by making Warbandlord submodule, download the submodule template file for details. There is a preset selector at the bottom right of the config menu screen, one click to switch preset.


Armor Rework

Material Effects
  • Each material type have different resistance value to different damage type (cut, pierce, blunt). Armor and shield will benefit from its material type.
  • Material resistance will combine the effective defense value to calculate two armor effects: Threshold and Penetration rate.
  • Added configs relate to armor effect and material resistance

  • There are 4 armor material in vanilla: cloth, leather, chainmail, plate.
  • Armor can block low damage.
  • Low damage projectile will not be sticked on the armor.
  • The armor penetration calculation counts every armor pieces the hit body part has, while vanilla uses the total defense value.
  • In damage calculation, the base damage will combine armor effective defense, hit body part to calculate the random factor in the hit, which will reduce armor effects. The purpose is to simulate armor thickness distribution.
  • Although vanilla armor only provided 4 part of defense, the random factor entend it to 7 body part . For now, it's not configurable

  • There are 2 shield armor material defined: wooden, metal.
  • Increased shield armor damage reduction.
  • Low damage projectile will not be sticked on the shield.
  • Reducing projectile damage that penetrated shield.

Weapon Tweaks

Range Weapon
  • The range weapon are divided by this piority: WeaponDescriptionId(crafted weapon), WeaponClass(crafted weapon) and ItemUsage(non-crafted weapon).
  • Added configs relate to range weapon release speed and reload speed. Release speed will affect the aiming speed. Reload speed will affect the weapon reload speed.
    By default, all range weapon speed are reduced to make it feels more natural. Speed will be increased by weapon skill.
  • Added configs relate to weapon thrust speed, thrust damage and missile speed.
  • Make projectile shoot by range weapon that have penetrate shield flag being able to penetrate shield.
  • Modified arrow, bolt and javelin air friction to make the damage reduction by distance lower.

Melee Weapon
  • The weapon are divided by this piority WeaponDescriptionId, WeaponClass.
  • Added configs relate to melee weapon swing speed and thrust speed.
  • Added configs relate to swing damage, thrust damag and throwing damage.

Crafting Piece

  • Added configs relate to piece damage factor, divided by piece tier and damage type.
  • Added configs relate to hidden piece damage factor which used to crafted practice weapon.
  • Modified the flag of the crafting piece which used to crafted vanilla thrown spear. This will enable ai throw it

  • Reduced shield size when defending with shield. Large shield class will have a little biger size

Agent Speed

Human Max Speed

  • Changed the max speed formula. Make it more natural. Added configs relate to human max speed.
  • Any of your hands without weapon will reduce the weight penalty.
  • Wield two-handed range weapon (bow, crossbow etc) will reduce max speed.
  • Wield two-handed weapon (not usable with one hand) will increase the period required to reach max speed

Human Combat Speed
  • The combat speed is the speed when you are attacking ,defending and raising your weapon. Generally it will reduce your speed in vanilla.
  • Changed the combat speed formula. Make light armor character or using light weight weapon (one-handed) have more combat speed. In extreme cases, your speed will remain your max speed.

  • Take rider weight into mount burden calculation. Generally reduced mount max speed to 6 - 12.
  • Mount burden will increase mount charge damage while reducing mount max speed.
  • Added configs relate to mount speed calculation.

Combat Mechanics

Alternative Attack
  • You body is your weapon. Alternative attack is blunt damage and garrented 2 damage after armor effects calculation. With high skill level, the alternative attack will help you deal with heavy armor units.
    Alternative attack type: Fist, Kick, Bash.
  • Changed alternative attack base magnitude formula. Damage relate to human body part weight, armor weight, armor material type, weapon weight, weapon type and weapon center of mass.
    Increase weight will increase damage at begin, but too much weight will reduce your damage.
  • Reduced the cool down of alternative attack.

Defend Collision
  • When defending a melee hit, the energy will be calculated. It will determine the stun period of attacker and defender. It also determined the crush through attack chance.
  • Attacker base energy is the attack base magnitude. If attacker doing heavy attack, the attack energy will get bonus from attacker weapon weight, arm weight, armor weight. Up direction attack gets more energy bonus than swing left or right.
  • Defender base energy is relate to their max HP. Then get extra factor from the defending weapon class, weapon weight, relative skill level arm weight, armor weight, block type (block, parry, chamber block).
  • Stun period of attacker and defender relate to their energy and defender block type.
  • Massive energy hit will lead to crush through attack. Two-handed weapon generally have higher attack energy.
  • Added some configs relate to defend collision.

Slice Through Allies
  • Certain attack can pass through allies body (except mount) and shield, allow to damage enemy behind them.
  • Melee thrust hit
  • Two-handed axe up direction attack
  • Two-handed mace up direction attack

Other Changes

  • Changed some parameters to make polearm thrust attack easier to use.
  • Added configs relate to monster race and mount. Supproted custom race, custom mount culture.
  • Added configs relate to damage bonus.
  • Added configs relate to magnitude bonus by skill.
  • Added configs relate to melee linear speed bonus


  • Q: Is it compatiable with gear mod?
    A: As long as they remain vanilla value range. Otherwise it may be too powerful or too weak. You can always try to change the configs to balance it.
  • Q: Is it compatiable with RBM?
    A: Not compatiable with the combat module, the ai module should be fine.
  • Q: Is there any new preset?
    A: Not untile anyone else deside to share one.