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A warband style combat gameplay experience mod for bannerlord.
Add armor material resistance, change character health limit calculation, modified weapon damage, add damage bonus by skill, make shield breakable, modified some combat parameters for polearm and alternative attack...

Permissions and credits
Bannerlord combat is good, but it could be better. Armor feel like piece of paper, peasants using farm tools can kill a well trained and equiped warrior. Reviewing the combat in warband, i deside to do this mod to change something.


  • global config floder: %userprofile%\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\Warbandlord
  • Copy and paste into the explorer nav bar and press enter. Or press win+R to open run prompt, then paste and confirm.
  • The config file in the module will be copied to global config floder one you run the game with warbandlord.
  • In case you want to change some factor, you should change them in the global config file.
  • If you find something wrong with the config, you can just delete the global config.xml.
  • I didn't modify armor properties nor troops, you can use other mod to modify them.
  • Safe to delete or add whenever you want.

Armor Resistance

Armor material make sense.
In bannerlord, damage reduction calculation only use the total armor defense values of the body part, which makes chainmail and plate with low defense values useless. But in Warbandlord, chainmail and plate have higher penetrate threshold conversion rate and higher damage reduction rate, which is better than cloth and leather while they have similar defense values.
There are four material type: Cloth, Leather, Chainmail, Plate.  The value of material resistances means the abilities of the material to resist and absorb damage. The higher, the harder to penetrated armor, the lower the damage penetrated could remain.
Armor material resistances can be set separately for different damage types in the config file.
Armor material will slightly affect armor price.

Change the way to calculate damage penetration.
Warbandlord will calculate armor protection separately rather than use the total armor defense values. Get more armor pieces and better material armor is more important than single armor with high defense values.
eg: You hit the enemy arm, the damage will first penetrate the gloves, then the cape (provided arm armor), finally the body (provided arm armor), every armor participant in the calculation will absorb some damage and reduce the damage when penetrated.

Change the comparison method in the inventory.
Armor defence comparison will now affect by a score which is calculate with material resistance and armor defence. This make it much more easier to compare two armor with differect material. The picture i've uploaded show the differences.

Character Health Modify

Now basic health limit is 35, same as warband. Since soilder have no attribute, i have to use their skills and level increasing their health limit.
character health limit = base limit + level/4 + major melee skill * 0.05 + major range skill * 0.02 + athletics * 0.1.
Overall, it's close to warband soilder health limit. You can change the base limit in the config file.
If you enable warbandlord in an existing save, the hitpoint of lords will remain until they wounded.

Weapon Damage

Crafted weapon damage is affect by following factor:
  • blade pieces tier
  • weapon usage type (Swing, Thrust, Throwing)
  • weapon damage type (Cut, Pierce, Blunt)
  • weapon class (OneHandedSword, TwoHandedSword, OneHandedAxe...)

All multiper can be changed in config.xml. Cooperate with armor resistance, the combat experience will be better and similar with warband.

As for bow and crossbow, i modified them in *_weapon_warbandlord.xml locate in MouduleData folder. Modify the damage may cause prices significant change.
If you use other mod that added bow and crossbow, you may change their thrust_damage and speed_rating to get a balanced experience.

Now bow and crossbow damage is dynamically modified, you can change the damage through the config file.

Skill Bonus

There are two kind of skill bonus:
  • Weapon damage bonus: In order to simulate the skill bonus in warband like Power Strike, Power Draw and Power Throw, Warbandlord add 3 skill bonus in config. In Warband, Power Strike lv.10 can add 80% more damage, and in bannerlord, the skill limit is 330, so the melee bonus = 80 / 330 ≈ 0.242.
  • Alternative attack bonus: melee skills can bonus weapon bash attack, athletic can bonus kick. It's some kind of player privilege, alternative attack use vanilla damage calculation, which is at least 1 damage.

Warbandlord skill bonus is calculated before armor penetration, while native skill bonus is calculated after armor calculation. This makes low skill soilder with low tier weapon hard to harm heavy armor soilder, which makes skill level as important as weapon quality.

Damage On Shield

Bannerlord shield is too firm, especially against twohanded axe. Now shield is breakable, using twohanded axe and throwing axe can break a shield fast, high tier shield can still block a lot damage.
Damage bonus on shield can be changed in the config file.

Combat Parameters modified

Mainly focus on polearm thrust usage, i have uploaded some images to show the effect.
Modified the holding position to make use of the length, up thrust is slightly longer than down thrust, right stand is a little longer than left stand, reduce damage check point to make thrust easier to use.
Modified the attack angle of swing, thrust and arrow shooting, it's a little easier to attack the foot man near you.
Change alternative attack and jump cooldown, you can use these action more frequently.


Mount health have being reduce to fit weapon damage and warband style. Some mount property multiper can be changed in config.xml.
In warbandlord, full speed mount charge can cause 10~15 damage that is high enough at 35 basic health limit.


Q: Work with xxx mod?
A: As long as they didn't change the damage calculation, then it won't cause crash.