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More raiding mod gives you the chance of raiding villages and other locations in the Bannerlord. You can start mayhem in the town center, or in the tavern. But beware, every action you take have it's consequences.

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
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Tested Version: 1.1.6
Beware: Might not work with Beta Branch. Don't ask "will it work with ABC" - answer is I don't know.

Have you ever dreamed of slaughtering a bunch of innocent villagers? Hopefully not. But with this mod, you can do this and feel how being a proper Viking
feels like.
More raiding mod gives you the chance of raiding villages and other locations in the Bannerlord. You can start mayhem in the town center, or in the tavern. But beware, every action you take have it's consequences.

  • Fully functional raid system: This system allows you to go into villages and start raiding them. You don't need to press anything beforehand; you can simply attack someone on the road and it will trigger the raid. If you successfully raid a village, it will also be raided on the campaign map, which was not the case before. Once you start a raid, your relation with the owner going to decrease 25 points, while it will get decrease 10 points for the notable people in the town/village.
  • Character Related Stats: If your character is good at roguery, you will be able to bring more soldiers into your raid. This is the same for whenever you want to attack under black banner as well. Every successful raid also contributes to your roguery skill along with the loot you get. 
  • Militia and garrison system: In the previous mod, only the town garrison would arrive at the scene, and the data was not pulled from the actual garrison data. This time, the actual units from the garrison are deployed, along with some local resistance. For villages, the militia arrives at the scene and tries to fight you.
  • Formations/Unit controls and such: In the previous mod, you were only able to give a few commands. Now, you can fully control your raider units during the raid. Only in interior scenes do they simply follow you all the time, like in a tavern. In the previous mod, you were not able to bring your companions into the raid, but this is now changed. You can raid with your companions.
  • Attacking under black banner: Now, you can attack caravans under a black banner. This is great for earning and raiding caravans without facing the consequences of relationship drops. I will explain this further in a future post.
  • City lockdown system, escape locking, and so on: In the previous mod, you could simply kill people and still leave by pressing TAB or changing your location by going into a tavern, for example, to avoid any bad situation. Now, once you start the raid, you need to physically leave the area or complete your raid. In towns, after a certain time, the city gates are closed and you are locked in. This means that if you don't want to fight and want to flee, you will need to jump from the city walls and make your way out.
  • Imprisonment: In the previous mod, if you were captured during your raid, the game simply acted as if nothing had happened. This time, when you are captured during an unsuccessful raid, you will be put in jail or a barn, depending on your location.
  • Bug fixes, natural flee system, and children: In the previous mod, TaleWorlds disabled killing anyone under the age of 18. This is somewhat understandable, but it's also not good since it wasn't part of the game anyway. Now, you can actually kill the children in the villages and cities as well. I also fixed a bunch of bugs from the previous mod and added a proper flee system. Although it's not perfect (the AI is still getting stuck in some areas), it's still good in some sense that not every AI is simply waiting for you to kill them. Instead, they will take action or simply find the best position to run away.

Details on some Features
Attacking Under Black Banner
Now you can attack caravans under a black banner without facing any consequences for your raiding. The higher your Roguery level, the higher your chances of success. (Usually, having a Roguery level higher than 110 will give you a 100% success rate.) If you fail, you will face the same consequences as for a regular caravan raid (declaring war, etc.). Your entire warband will carry a black banner, regardless of your faction. You can even attack your own faction's caravans under a black banner, as long as you are not the owner of the caravan.
You need to trigger battle menu in dialogue with saying "We are not here to talk, prepare to die"

City Lockdown
This is before the lockdown, when raid isn't started:
As you can see on the below, when raid is started, city doors are completely shutdown. And if we wanted to leave the scene, we had to use the walls and jump (and most likely we would die due to low health in this case) hence you should plan your raid properly.

As I explained above, you can be taken as prisoner after your unsuccessful raid. Relation and crime impact of your raid will remain same and serving your "time" won't remove these negative effects.

  • Download the zip.
  • Unpack the zip.
  • Go to your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder
  • Put MoreRaiding folder inside there.
  • Open the launcher and select More Raiding's box in the Mods tab.
  • Start the game.

Known Bugs and Tweaks.
  • None reported so far.