Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds a workshop inventory for each town that can be configured to feed inputs to workshops as well as hold their outputs. Information about stash and town supply of materials is shown in the Clan Income tab.

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  • Turkish
This mod adds a stash in every town where you own workshops. The workshop stash can be interacted with through the town menu, if you own a workshop in the town.
You can allow your workshops to take raw materials from the town's stash, instead of buying from the town. This lets you buy raw materials cheaply elsewhere and use them in your production. If there are insufficient raw materials in the stash, the workshop will attempt to buy them from the town.
You can also deposit workshop outputs into the stash instead of selling them to the town. Handy if you want to sell them somewhere else or keep them for yourself.

1.1.0: The mod now also includes an improvement to the Clan Income tab that shows the inputs required for each workshop as well as their stock in your stash and in the town that the workshop is located in. The item's price in the town is also shown in red if it's more expensive than average and green if it's cheaper than average.

Source code is available on GitHub: