Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Inventory layer to equip the best item from the inventory.

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  • Mandarin
Equip Best Item

Add new buttons to equip the best item from inventory.

Picture 1. Standard button:


Picture 2. Equip all available items button:


1. Click the filter icon that is located on the slot in the menu.
2. Select the desired value of the parameter (0 - if you do not want to take this parameter into account, < 0 if you want it to be taken into account but affect the result negatively, >0 if you want this parameter to have a higher value)

Current formula v1.3.0:


  • Fast equip best armor, weapon, and mount 
  • You can lock the slots so that they are not searched for items.
  • The state of the locks is stored for each character in the squad.
  • Buttons are displayed only when there are better items.
  • All items for all characters equip by one click.
  • Equip directly from the store, loot, inventory (you can lock \ unlock panels)
  • Vortex support
  • Config file
  • You can press Alt to hide the main part of the interface

Weapon explanation:

For the mod to start looking for the best weapon, put the necessary type of weapon in any of the slots. The mod will search for weapons corresponding to the first weapon component. This is due to cases where the one-handed spear was changed to a two-handed halberd. For example: if you put a one-handed ax in the weapon slot, the mod will look for the best one-handed ax, not the best one-handed weapon


Settings file path: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\EquipBestItem\settings.xml

For change options replace "true" on "false" or "false" on "true":
"Equip all avaible items button" (pic. 2) is enabled :        <IsEnabledEquipAllButton>true</IsEnabledEquipAllButton> 
"Standard buttons" (pic. 1) is disabled       <IsEnabledStandartButtons>false</IsEnabledStandartButtons>

How to install


1. Press Download: Vortex in the main page of the mod
2. Follow the program instructions


If you used this mod before, completely remove the previous version
1. Download files.
2. Unblock archive before unpack or DLL file after. (RMB click file -> Properties -> Unblock)
3. Copy files to Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules
4. Run TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Launcher.exe, select Mods and check EquipBestItem mod
5. Press play

It is important that the file structure CharacterSettings.xml and Settings.xml was the same as the new version. While the mod is in active development, they often change. Therefore, when switching to the new version, make sure that the old versions are deleted. They have generated automatically at the first start.

Video demonstration


My code is ugly because I am an amateur programmer, I will be glad to any advice.