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LiZhenhuan1019 and Lkoinw

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(Updated to e1.9.0)
Fix the companion formation bug in e1.9.0.
Allows you to give orders in the sky, like a RTS game.
Control one of your troops after you are killed in battle.
Allows your formation to attack a specific enemy formation.
Click troop card to select formations.

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RTS Camera
(Old name: EnhancedMission, Enhanced Mission RTS Camera)
A mod for Mount&Blade II Bannerlord that provides free camera and more features in battle.

Save Compability
This mod does not read or write stuffs to your game save. Installing or removing this mod has no impact on your game save.

  • RTS Camera
    • Free camera mode switchable at any time. The camera distance to your character is limited by the tactics and scouting skill level.
    • Clickable troop cards.
    • Control one of your soldiers and continue fighting/commanding after player character is killed in battle.
    • Watch any unit and optionally take control of any unit in player team.
    • Change time speed in battle, or pause the battle.
  • Command System
    • Command your troops to attack a specific enemy formation. Your cavalry can attack the enemy archers without being distracted by other enemies and spreading across all the battle field.
    • Select your formation by middle mouse clicking on units in formation.

How to Use
  • Install "Command System" for the "Charge to Formation" feature; Install "RTS Camera" for all the other features. These 2 files can be installed independently, but make sure they are updated when both installed.
  • RTS Camera
    • Press F10 to toggle free camera. You character will be controlled by AI by default and can be changed to do nothing or still be controlled by player's input in option menu opened by pressing L in battle.
    • You can press L and turn on the "Use Free Camera By Default" option to automatically switch to free camera when battle begins.
    • After your character dies, you can press E to follow one of your soldiers and press E again to control it and continue fighting. Soldiers in the same formation as player character will be considered first when deciding which soldier to control.
      • You can immediately control one of your soldiers to avoid all your formations been delegated to AI when your character dies. Press L and check Control Ally After Death option to enable this feature. It's always enabled in free camera mode to ensure a smooth gaming experience.
    • When the camera is following a character, you can press E to control the character. You can make the camera follow a character in the following ways:
      • In free camera press E to follow the player character.
      • You can make the camera follow any hero by pressing L to open the menu and selecting a hero in Watch Another Hero drop-down list.
      • You can make the camera follow any character by pressing ; and clicking a character, then pressing E.
      • You can press left/right mouse button to change the character that the camera is following.
    • If your character is injured in campaign map and you encounter an enemy party, you can still choose "Watch the battle" option to begin the battle. In this battle you can command your troops in free camera but cannot directly fighting. Thanks to Fawkes1243 for providing this idea!
    • Pause game ([) or adjust time speed (').
    • Toggle HUD by pressing ]. If you rebind the key and forget the key set for toggling HUD, you can always use HOME key to enable HUD.
  • Command System
    • You can click middle mouse button on the enemy formation, and your formation will charge to the targeted enemy formation, instead of charging to all enemies when you press "F1 F3". Only works with melee weapon.

      • The target enemy formation that your selected troops are charging to will be highlighted with red outline when you open command panel.
      • AI formation will also have the ability to charge to a specific formation. Your formation targeted by the enemy formation will be highlighted with dark blue outline when you open command panel.
      • I didn't find a way to restrict range weapon's target to specific formation, so remember to let your infantry hold fire if they have javelins.
    • You can press L and uncheck Enable Attack Specific Formation to disable this feature.
    • You can select your formations by clicking on troop cards. You can press Alt to show the mouse and drag right mouse button to rotate the camera when mouse is shown.
    • You can select your formations by clicking middle mouse button on them. Selected troops will be highlighted with green outline.
      • You can press L and uncheck Click to Select Formation to disable this feature.
  • You can rebind hotkeys by pressing L and click Config Key.

How to install
  • Remove any old installation of this mod. You can go to Modules folder of bannerlord installation folder (For example C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\) and remove folders like RTSCamera, RTSCamera.CommandSystem or EnhancedMission.
  • Copy the RTSCamera and RTSCamera.CommandSystem folder that you downloaded into the Bannerlord Modules folder.
  • Or use Vortex to install it automatically.

  • Press L(letter) to open menu of this mod when in a scene. You can adjust all the options of this mod in it.
    • You can close the menu by pressing esc, left clicking outside the menu or right clicking.
  • When in free camera:
    • Use W, A, S, D, Space, Z and mouse middle button to move the camera.
    • Use shift to speed up camera movement.
    • Move your mouse to rotate the camera, or when order panel is opened, drag right mouse button to rotate the camera.
    • Left click on the ground and drag to change the position, direction and width of the formation you selected.
      • Hold ctrl when dragging to arrange multiple formations vertically.
    • Hold ctrl and scroll mouse to adjust camera movement speed.
    • Hold ctrl and click middle mouse button to reset camera movement speed.
    • Hold ctrl and drag middle mouse button vertically to adjust camera height.
  • The configuration is saved in directory (user directory)\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\RTSCamera\.
    • The main config is saved in file RTSCameraConfig.xml.
    • The hot key config is saved in file GameKeyConfig.xml.
    • The hot key that opens the menu is saved in file (user directory)\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\MissionLibrary\GeneralGameKeyConfig.xml.
    • You can modify them manually, but if you edit them incorrectly or remove them, the configuration will be reset to default.

  • If it shows "Cannot load ..\..\Modules\RTSCamera\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\RTSCamera.dll", please go to this page to unbock the dll.
  • If the game crashed:
    • If you upgraded this mod from version lower than e3.2.0, pleas remove the old mod folder "EnhancedMission" to prevent crash.
    • I would appreciate it if you send dump file to me to help me to solve the crash by followinig steps below:
      • Click Yes when the game crashes and ask whether to collect information.
      • Before sending files to TaleWorlds, go to C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes(Not the game installation path) and find the folder related to the crash by timestamp.
      • Then send dump.dmp file in the folder (or just send the whole folder) to me. See below for my email address.
  • If you forget the hotkey set for opening menu:
    • you can remove the config file so that config will be reset to default.

Optional Files

More Mods From Me
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  • Battle Mini Map: Provides a mini map in battle.

LiZhenhuan1019 and Lkoinw

Source Code
You can get the source code at

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