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About this mod

This mod fixes the issues there is with AI trying to find their way up the siege towers

Permissions and credits
Since TaleWorlds has made their own implementation to fix sieges, this mod is no longer being worked on.

The mod now works with RBM
I have talked to Philozoraptor and he told me that the mod now works with RBM

Issues with 1.6.4

TW has done something with the sieges towers in the latest build. My mod doesn't work properly now since there is now a chance a invisible physics object spawn in the way of the ramp which breaks the navigation. This is not something i can fix, untill TW fixes this, i recommend reverting to 1.6.3 (can still happen on this build, but not very often.) Or for the most stable experience, i recommend 1.6.2.
I am sorry for the inconvenience. I will try to see if i can find a workaround for this issue with 1.6.4 if it doesn't resolve itself with the next patch.

Update: 03/11/21
I am still trying now and then to see if i can fix this issue / make some sort of workaround for it. But i don't have loads of time at the moment.

What does this mod fix?
  • AI are no longer indecisive about what ladder to climb. they will just run towards the ladders and go up the first one they happen to find themselves on
  • AI will no longer try to climb down the ladders.

How to install.
  1. Download the core module
  2. extract the folder inside the rar file called "SiegeTowerFix" into Bannerlord's Modules folder.
  3. Path looks like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules"
  4. Activate the mod in the luancher
  5. Enjoy!

Patch notes.
Version 1.0.0 (06/10/21)
  • Initial upload

Version 1.1.0 (07/10/21)
  • Fixed an issue where AI would clip between the floor and the ramp at the top of the siege tower, when too many of them were pushing each other around.
  • Fixed an issue where on certain maps AI would run of the side of the ramp after it was lowered.

How does this mod work?

The AI is stupid.
Well to put it simple, after about 25 hours of trial and error i discovered that the AI is really stupid.
Originally the navigation mesh gives them 3 options to choose from when they have to climb the tower.
And they can't make up their mind when giving these 3 options, thats why you see them fumble around at the bottom of the tower and try to climb down ladders again.

Tricking the AI.
After a lot of failed attempts, i got an idea.
I could use the navigation mesh to trick the AI into running into the ladders and then not have the ladders connected to the bottom part of the navigation mesh.
The AI now actually thinks they have to run through the ladders to get up on the tower, but then find themselves on a ladder, but because the ladder isn't connected to anything at the bottom, there is only one way to go from there, up.

Known issues.
  • The AI can sometimes end up blocking each other a bit at the bottom. This eventually fixes itself when some of them get on a ladder.
  • The AI will on certain maps clip between the floor and the ramp on the top of the siege tower. This a combination between the angle of the ramp and the large amount of AI pushing each other around. (Something we are not used to seeing) So it is a physics issue, not the actual mod. However, i am looking into making a patch for this.
  • The AI will on certain maps run off the side of the ramp after it is lowered.
  • If you play on 1.6.4 and less often on 1.6.3. On any siege battle the tower on the right, left or both might have its navigation broken due to an invisible physics object that spawns in the way of the navigation mesh when lowering the ramp. I have tested it, and it can occur with and without my mod. I don't know if this is something i can fix. It seems to be an issue with the updates. for a stable experience, i recommend reverting to 1.6.2

If you find any issues with the mod, let me know and i will see what i can do.
Remember to include map and wall level. This will help me a let when it comes to fixing any bugs.
If you don't reply to me after making a bug report, i will assume the issue has been resolved and i will delete the report.