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A continuation of the original Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks mods that makes hair visible on many of the headgears that normally remove it.

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This is a continuation of the original Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks mods by OldManHustle that stopped getting updates a while back. While using the old one won't break anything, it doesn't include any of the stat changes or new helmets that have been added in the months since. 

OldManHustle has updated the mod for 1.7.1 so it should be safe to use again. However, I have completely reworked this mod since the original so our mods now include different items with different settings. The complete list of changes is on each of our mod pages and I will add pictures of all helmets when I get the chance. I plan to keep updating this mod as needed so use whichever version you prefer. 

Update Aug 2022: There is now a RBM compatible version. See the compatibility section below for details. 

Like with the original there are three versions of this mod: 

Light - Only includes the 48 helmets with little to no clipping 
Base - Includes everything in the Light version as well as 72 helmets with a small amount of clipping 
Plus - Includes everything in the Base and Light versions as well as 27 helmets that have a more moderate amount of clipping, but still nothing extreme. 

As of version 2.2 there are 147 items adjusted by this mod. The full list is below. 

Light mod:



This mod was tested only with the female hairstyle you see in the pictures. It should work with other long hairstyles including male ones, but I haven't tested them so it might clip a bit more or less than the pictures. 

If you want more details about how the mod works go read the description of the original mod. It pretty much all still applies to this one.

RBM Version
A few things to note about the RBM version:
  • It contains the same content as the Plus version of the mod. There won't be a Light or Base version because I don't have time to maintain 6 versions of the mod. 
  • It must be loaded after the RBM mod. The launcher should do this automatically, but you might want to double check if you have problems.
  • This version might not get updated as frequently as the main RBM mod, but I'll updated it when I can. It should be safe to run a different version as long as nothing drastic changed. The only problem with running the wrong version should be some of the stats being off. 
  • This is still a beta. I did some initial testing to make sure that it doesn't crash , but that's about it. If you spot any issues let me know. 


Pick only 1 of the 4 versions. You can switch them out at anytime but if you try to run them at the same time they will override each other. Don't run my mod at the same time as the original mod for the same reason.

If you are using Realistic Battle Mod you must used the RBM version or my mod will override the stat changes of RBM. 

This mod should be compatible with any new helmets added by other mods, but it won't change them. So they will have whatever hair setting the creators gave them.

Any mods except RBM that edit any of the helmets listed above are going to cause conflicts. How much of an issue it causes will depend on how much the other mod changes. 

This mod does not affect your save data so it is safe to add, remove, or upgrade mid campaign.