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About this mod

A fork of RoGreat's Marry Anyone mod with fixes for 1.6.1. Marry anyone (and everyone) you like and even adopt children with this highly configurable mod.

Permissions and credits
Credit to RoGreat for his excellent mod. Please see the main mod page or the upstream GitHub repository for details.

This version contains fixes for Bannerlord v1.6.1 and is not compatible with earlier versions of the game. My intention is to support these fixes until development resumes on the original mod. Feel free to submit issues on this page or contribute to my GitHub fork.


  1. Using Vortex, install the following dependencies: Harmony, ButterLib, UIExtenderEx, and MCM. MCM (and, by extension, ButterLib/UIExtenderEx) is technically not required but highly recommended.
  2. Install this mod using Vortex.
  3. Launch the game from Steam.
  4. From the launch window, click Mods. Ensure your mods are enabled and listed in the following order:
  5. ☑️ Harmony
    ☑️ ButterLib
    ☑️ UIExtenderEx
    ☑️ Mod Configuration Menu v4
    ☑️ All game modules (SandBox, StoryMode, etc.)
    ☑️ Marry Anyone
  6. Start your harem!



Mod Configuration Menu v4

Marry Anyone includes per-save configuration support using Mod Configuration Menu v4. This means you can have different settings for each save.

While on the map screen for your game, simply open the menu and go to Options > Mod Options > Marry Anyone.


The Marry Anyone mod folder contains a file named config.json which can be used to directly configure the mod behavior. This should only be considered if something is preventing you from using MCM instead.

A few things to note:
  • A basic understanding of JSON syntax is required
  • MCM must be disabled (or not installed) for Marry Anyone to defer to the JSON file
  • These settings are applied globally for all saves



  • Very Easy - skip the romance minigame
  • Easy - skip the romance minigame for lowborn NPCs
  • Realistic - always play the romance minigame

Sexual Orientation:
  • Heterosexual
  • Homosexual
  • Bisexual

Polygamy - allows player to have polygamous relationships

Polyamory - allows player spouses to have relationships with each other

Cheating - allows player to marry NPCs who are already married

Incest - allows player to have incestuous relationships

Retry Courtship - allows player to retry courtship after failing the minigame


Adoption - allows player to adopt children from towns and villages

Adoption Chance - chance that a random child is eligible for adoption

Adoption Titles - display orphans as adopted in the encyclopedia


  • Default - "real-world" (vanilla game) pregnancy behavior
  • Disabled - no pregnancy for player or partners
  • Player - player will get pregnant (regardless of relationship composition)
  • Partner - partner will get pregnant (regardless of relationship composition)
  • Random - player or a random partner will get pregnant (regardless of relationship composition)

Fertility Bonus - increases pregnancy chance up to 10x


Debug - output detailed mod logs to the game's message log



With Marry Anyone enabled, you should be able to court any NPC based on your mod configuration settings. Simply approach an eligible bachelor/bachelorette and express your romantic interest. The romance minigame (unless disabled) works just like the vanilla game.


By default, pregnancy follows the same behavior as the vanilla game. However, you may tweak the mod settings to allow pregnancy even within your homosexual relationship.


To adopt a child, take a walk around a village or town center. You will find children and teenagers among the crowds. Talk to them and, based on your Adoption Chance settings, you may be presented with an option to adopt.

Note that if the conversation begins with a rhyme, you will need to talk to the child again to get the adoption dialogue.


Like other mods, you will need to ensure all DLLs (including those for dependency mods) are unblocked. Vortex is highly recommended to avoid this issue.

All mod issues should be reported on the Bugs tab of the Nexus page. Please include the following details when reporting a problem:
  • A link to the full crash report, if applicable. Screenshots or fragments of crash reports are not productive!
  • Your relevant Marry Anyone settings.
  • Information about your game such as your character's gender, the names and titles of any NPCs involved, etc.

Keep in mind that I am not the original author and am volunteering my time to maintain this mod. Please be considerate if I'm not able to fix your issue right away.

Feel free to post any questions or ideas to the Posts page!