Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Marry faction leaders and companions however you like. Multiple options available to make the game your own!

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
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[Marry Anyone v3]

Updated for v.1.0!

New update for the new release of Bannerlord e.1.8.0 with many bugfixes and changes.
List of all changes will be written in the changelogs.

Major changes:
Commoners (townsfolk, villagers, and much more) can be married directly.
Adoption is dropped in order to put it in its own mod at some point.

[Marry Anyone v2]

Marry Anyone is now updated to work with e1.5.x and now uses MCMv4 to further improve upon the mod!
To access the mod options, load up a character save and then go to the mod options.

There is now a config file to change the settings if you go without MCM.
You only need this mod if you decide to use the config file instead.

[ My Other Mods ]
Using this mod in conjunction with Recruit Everyone will allow you to also marry townsfolk and notables as well!
Extended Family will allow you to see other distant relatives and a family tree to show how grand your dynasty is!

Added a new adoption system where you can go into towns and villages to talk to
parentless children/teenagers about adoption.

You can also choose the difficulty and sexual orientation with each character you play with v2.
There are other options such as incest and polygamy that are also available. 

With Marry Anyone, there are more options available to you when it comes to companionship.
  • Faction leaders
  • Minor faction leaders
  • Companions

Let me know if there are any issues that you run across when playing the newest version.
Goes without saying to backup saves if you want to try this mod.

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Credits to contributors on GitHub