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Simple Harmony patch to give Party Leader quarter XP from clan roles with designated companions assigned.

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Are you an up and coming Bannerlord? Do you take a collaborative, lead-by-example, learn-from-your-team leadership stance? Do wish to keep a highly trained Scout, Surgeon, and a Quartermaster, but still look enviously at the Personal/Party Leader Perks in the Medicine, Stewardship, and Scouting Trees?


This is a simple Harmony patch I made for myself that gives role XP to Party Leader even when a party role has a companion assigned to it.
Currently, mod gives Party Leader 25% of the XP given to the designated Scout(Scouting), Surgeon(Medicine), Engineer(Engineering) and Quartermaster(Steward)
Assigned companions still receive the same amount of XP as before.


Should be compatible with everything. It's just a Harmony Patch.

Unzip and drop the folder into [Installation Path]\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\
Make sure mod is checked on the launcher

If you wish to uninstall the mod you can simply disable it in the Mods tab or remove it from your Modules folder.
It should have no lasting effect on your save file, so you can remove it mid-game.

  • I don't usually make mods. So please let me know if I dun goofed.  Source Code is pretty simple. Constructive criticism always welcome. I don't know how to use MCM yet. Hopefully I will get time to learn soon. 
  • I wanted to make the party also benefit from the Party Leader's stats by 25% but I didn't. Maybe in future.
  • If someone wants to take this and add it to their mod. Please feel free.

Thanks to zijistark, whose repo for Houses of Calradia I used to become less smooth brained.