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Adds functionality for quick loading and incremental quick saving, as well as auto saving before and after battles

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This is a simple mod that is partly inspired by the now-defunct Save Overhaul.

You can press F9 to quick load the latest save file, be it a quick save, manual save or auto save.

You can also press Ctrl + S to quick save and Ctrl + L to quick load.

Instead of the vanilla quick save function which overwrites the same save file, now there are incremental quick saves with unique file names.

By default, this mod will auto save before battles with a minimum number of participants.

You can configure the maximum number of quick saves and battle auto saves as well as the minimum number of participants for battle auto saves, and you can choose to toggle save limits and battle auto saves altogether.

Take note that due to an engine limitation, auto-saves cannot be created before hideout assaults and siege assaults.

Includes a localization template and Chinese localization by default.

If you encounter a crash, always provide the crash report from ButterLib. It makes it much easier for me to troubleshoot it.

Make sure that you are using the correct versions of the mod and its requirements for your game build!

It is safe to install and uninstall on an existing save.

Sources are here.

Discord server for my mods is here.