Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

"Fourberie" is a French word that can be translated in many ways, but the one that would fit the best (for this mod) is "cunning".
Here you will get access to a large panel of features allowing you to experience new playstyles.
Develop a rogue character or simply use dirty tactics and schemes to dominate the world of Calradia...

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • German
Key binding overview
  • In scenes:
Pickpocket, Loot the corpses: Left Alt + Right Mouse Button (per default)
  • On the map:
Safe House, Criminal Enterprise, Scheme Room: Left Control + F (per default)
Followers management (Horde and saboteurs): Left Control + Right Mouse Button (per default)
Hide and distract on the map: Left Shift + Right Mouse Button (per default)

(NEW) You can now personalize the key binding through a FourberieConfig.xml!

Pit fights
Will you dare fighting using your bare hands?
  • 6 unique pit scenes, one for each culture.
  • 6 unique fighting fields, one for each culture
  • Raise your fame and gain more gold, renown and relation
  • New hand-to-hand damage logic (activated only in the pits and taverns)
  • Different type of fights (Duel, group fights, etc.)
  • Manage your stable, have your companions join the group fights!

Playstyle allowing you to lead a horde of bandits, build a safehouse and bring mayhem to a kingdom or even the whole world of Calradia.
  • Support bandit factions to unlock new gameplay mechanics.
  • Build a safehouse in any hideout.
  • Recruit bandit troops in hideouts.
  • Request bandit parties to follow you (Merge them with your party during any encounter).
  • Sub-menu to manage your horde.

(Safe house scene) NEW
  • Added a progression level to the Safe House.
  • The scene will change to fit the progression.
  • New features and mechanics to be unlocked with each level.

Criminal activities
Speak to local gang leaders and increase your relation with them. Succeed to their challenges and missions to finally become a true criminal and rule your own criminal empire.
  • Rob townfolks, steal merchants and kill guards in towns.
  • Work on your relation with local gang leaders.
  • Get access to new banditry missions (easily repeatable).
  • Create partnerships or dominate the streets and expand your network.
  • Build your base and upgrade it for more profit.
  • Picpocket in villages, towns and taverns.

Scheme room
Get access to different schemes to dominate your enemies (and allies...) from the shadow.
  • Assign one of your clan member to a new role (Enforcer or Spymaster). NEW
  • Train and manage new agents (Saboteur, Spy and Assassin). NEW
  • Bribe, blackmail, destabilize any clan.
  • Poison and murder any hero.
  • Unique menu.

Get access to brand new tactics:
  • Siege tactics (sap the wall, poison the water to weaken the garrison and the militia, destroy the foodstock).
  • Map tactics (Hide in forests, distract any enemy party chasing you).
  • Manage your saboteurs.

Infiltration and assassination
Enter enemy towns and prove/improve your stealth skills.
  • 4 possiblities to enter enemy towns (sneak in town, bribe guards, get help from your friends, disguise yourself as a guard).
  • Stealth action in town, kill guards to impact the security (and for fun).
  • Infiltrate the keep to destabilize the owner clan.
  • Infiltrate the keep to kill any lord/lady inside.
  • Enter the prison and try to free all the imprisoned lord/lady for a massive xp bonus (and relation boost).
  • Escape from prisons and your captors (WIP).
  • Loot the corpses of your victims.

Incite rebellions
If conditions are met, you can try to incite a rebellion in any towns.
Participate to a riot in town. 

Ambush and distract
  • Hide in forest type terrains (useful for ambush and scouting).
  • Send a small party to distract any enemy party chasing you (they will suffer a disorganized penalty).

AI implementation
There are 2 types of interaction:
Grudge system
(AI -> Player)
Any hostile action the player does against a clan will increase the grudge level of that clan (you see a notification).
A high level of grudge = high risk that the AI decides to fabricate a scheme against the player clan.
Schemes the AI can use are:
  • Destabilization (Blackmail, scandal)
  • Ransack of your main base
  • Send an elite party to capture the player
  • Murder (both clan members and player)

Good practices to protect yourself and your clan:
  • Avoid focusing on one clan (grudge decreases over time)
  • Try to cap your network % (work on your relation, assign a good spymaster/enforcer)
  • Act wisely ;)
You can consult the grudge level of each clan (if any) from the scheme room (Grudge ledger).
(AI -> AI) The player being the agent (funnier than seeing a simple text log...)
Receive contracts proposal from faction leaders (target will be an enemy clan of the requester).
  • Destabilize the targeted clan (scandal, blackmail or incite a rebellion in any of their fiefs)
  • Kill any member of the targeted clan (brutal execution or discrete assassination)
  • Activate in the Scheme Room menu.

xml file for easy translation (you can send me your translation and I will add it to the mod).

Future plan
Keep improving mod difficulty and rewards

About the compatibility
Mod tested in sandbox mainly.
Players tested the mod in campaign with no issue (v1.1.x+)

I advise you to make a save backup before using my mod, just in case :)

Globally the mod seems compatible with CEK, Calradia at War etc...