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This mod adds a LOT of new lore friendly mercenary troops of all kinds that you and the AI can recruit in taverns.

Permissions and credits
 WARNING: Remove the old mod from the modules folder to avoid crashing on save-load/new game.
If you were playing with the old mod you'll most likely need to start a new game.


Irregulars - A Mercenary Overhaul +  is  a mod that aims to bring a lot of variety and flexibility to the mercenaries you can hire in the tavers of calradia. The added troops are in general a little less armored/equipped than vanilla ones but have slightly (10-15 %) boosted core skills, to reflect their skill at the trade.


For versions 1.0.4 and later:

This mod requires you to have the following mods installed to work properly:
Vlandian Armory
Vaegir Armory

For versions before 1.0.4:

I have implemented some custom armors from "Vlandian Armory" and "Vaegir Armory"

Vlandian Armory
Vaegir Armory

The pieces of armor are included with the mod but I'd still appreciate if you showed your support for the author ADamnSexyName by going and endorsing the original mods on their respective pages. All credits for the custom vlandian and vaegir pieces go to him.

You can have both this and the original mods or Swadian armory installed at the same time without conflict.

Every troop tree now has a special Tier 6 unit. 

The Desert nomad mercenaries now ride horses cause the camel thing got old really fast.

The new troop trees can be found in the image section of the mod page.

I also implemented some of the new armor pieces that Taleworlds has released recentely.

If you were using the original "Irregulars - A mercenary overhaul" you will have to uninstall that one and start a new game since I had to change some of the troop IDs.


This mod ads 6 new troop trees that are "latched" on to the vanilla Watchmen and Armed Traders you can hire in taverns. The watchmen are replaced my "vagabonds" while the armed traders are replaced by "mercenaries" . Vagabonds can be upgraded in the relative type of mercenaries, the real cores of the new trees. The new troops will spawn in taverns in the place of armed traders and watchmen, and they can spawn even at higher tiers, but their cost scales with the unit level. The vanilla AI will hire watchmen from the taverns and so it is able to hire the newly added troops.
The mercenaries will only spawn in the towns of their relative culture, but vagabonds( and all of their ugrades, including mercenaries) can spawn in any towns.
This makes it so that while you are more likely to find certain mercenaries in a certain region of the map they actually have a chance of spawning in any


The new troop trees are based on the main kingdoms of the game and they are the following: Western mercenaries, Nord Mercenaries, Foreign Mercenaries, Eastern Mercenaries, Highland Mercenaries and Desert nomad mercenaries. Here's a brief overview of each one.

WESTERN MERCENARIES: these guys, are culturally vlandians and mainly based on the 11th century norman soldiers and the earlier crusaders. They offer a mix of infantry and heavy cavalry with both bows and crossbows as ranged options.
FOREIGN MERCENARIES: these fellas are more prevalent in the lands of the empire but they are mainly of foreign force made up of nords, aserai and khuzait mercenaries . They boast heavy infantry inspired by the famed RL Varangian Guard, Heavy cataphract-style cavalry and archers both walking and mounted broadly inspired by the steppe people such as the Cumans and Kipchaks that sometimes worked for the Eastern Roman Empire. 

EASTERN MERCENARIES: Most of the troops of this tree are ispired by chinese and japanese medieval soldiers, while still mantaining a more "khuzait" feel to them. Following the Khuzait hordes many of these warriors from far and strange lands have made their way to calradia and are willing to fight for anyone for the right price. They have fairly lethal if a bit flimsy shock troopers and cavalry.They also have a particular branch inspired by early samurai and they use a few custom weapons made specifically for them. These last guys are mainly horse archers but can also fight well on foot if told to dismount and they come with naginata and nodachi inspired custom weapons (Eastern Polearm and Eastern Sword).

NORD MERCENARIES: these are directly ported from my "Nord Mercenaries" mod. They are fairly similar to the Sturgians when it comes to unit roster and paths but with a few fun twists. they are inspired by both RL vikings and Warband's nords.
Their archers pack a mean surprise in the form of two handed axes as a sidearm in case any daring enemy gets too close.

DESERT NOMAD MERCENARIES:  They are a fully mounted force inspired by bedouin tribes. They have the particular caracteristic of being mounted from Tier 1. The cost of the  mount makes them a bit more expensive to recruit ,but they will offer an immediate mobility advantage.
They offer mounted lancers, skirmishers and archers and they can seriously pack a punch, but they sport rather little armor.

HIGHLAND MERCENARIES: They are very similar to the battanians but they sport the newly added  armors giving the extra style points. Very good archers (but not fian champion level sorry), berzerker like units in the form of woodsmen and falxmen plus a shielded light infantry in the form of skirmishers. Exellent ranged and skirmishing abilities, improved mobility.

-Since the tier 2 mercs are edited armed traders, you'll find my mercenaries guarding AI caravans, so you can get a few guys by capturing them.
-When upgrading the tier 1 vagabonds you'll se a red blocked upgrade option.This should be ignored since it's a back-end way to make sure they can all spawn in taverns in the place of the watchmen tree.

I feel like this would be common wisdom for most people, but allow me to state the obvious.
Removing the mod mid-playthrough will break your save since the world will be littered with references to units that are no longer in your game data. If for some reason you really want my units to stop from spawning you should do the following.
In the module data folder you'll find xmls called XXTroops where XX is the prefix for a specific troop tree.
Editing these XML files with a text editor and removing the character entries for "mercenary_1" in the TMTroops xml will effectively prevent vagabonds from spawning and restore the watchmen tree.
Opening the other troop xmls and removing the "armed_trader_(culture)" entry in each one will effectively prevent mercenaries from spawning and bring back the vanilla armed traders. These edits will not ruin you save because they are reverting a change to vanilla troops, not removing the new ones. After this existing mercs will still be present in your or the enemies parties garrisons and will slowly be phased out by the natural course of the game.

Should only conflict with mods that edit the armed traders and the watchmen unit.
It shouldn't cause a crash, just load my mod after to ensure my edits take over.
Install by extracting the archive to your Modules folder in the game directory or use a mod manager.