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The purpose of SimpleShieldPatterns is to give basic shield banners to lower tier troops while heroes and high tier troops can display the sigil of their clan.
The used patterns are configurable per culture, allowing to give faction specific flavor to shield users.

Permissions and credits
Download the mod, unpack it and put its content in 'Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules'.
When launching the game, do not forget to check SimpleShieldPatterns in the Mods tab.

Open 'SimpleShieldPatterns\ModuleData\SSPSettings.xml' in order to modify the mod settings.
Here you can define per culture rules regarding shield patterns usage.
Inside each rule you can then define a set of patterns to use for this culture.

Rule xml attributes:
  • culture (needed): set the culture id this rule is applied to (example: "empire").
  • maxLevel (needed): set the max unit level affected by this simple pattern rule.
  • do_affect_heroes (false by default): wether or not heroes are affected by this simple pattern rule (true/false).

Pattern xml attributes:
  • id (needed): the id of the background pattern to use (between 0 and 36, 0 being the default shield).
  • angle (0 by default): will override banner background angle.
  • width/height (1536/1536 by default): will override banner background width/height.
  • xOffset/yOffset (0/0 by default):will be added to banner background X/Y position.

Pattern Ids:

With the default settings, only native main cultures have simple shield patterns.
Let's say I want to give Nord units (essentially used by the Skolderbroda mercenary clan) dedicated shield patterns as well.
First I need to retrieve the Nord culture id (native cultures are located in 'Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData\spcultures.xml').
The Nord culture id is "nord".
Then, I will edit the SSPSettings xml file (see above) and add a rule for this culture (see following screenshot).
The following rule will apply to units equal or below level 99 (I want to affect all units) and give theim either Pattern id 20 or 21 (spiral patterns).

On the next screenshot, you can see Skolder (Nord) troops with their new shield patterns.
Note that you can do this with custom cultures as well (you will need to retrieve their ids in the mod files).

Have fun !