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Interact with your spouse or other ladies and control when to have a child and with who. Fully configurable, you can adopt your bastard children, Abortion features, Pregnancy chance and limits, Select the culture of your children. Lesbian Pregnancy, Interaction effects with sounds.

Permissions and credits
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Based on the Pregnancy Control mod here but with new features.
Currently working on v1.1.3

What this mod do:

Functions for Male Player:

- New pregnancy method
Prevents the game from deciding when your wife gets pregnant and now you can decide when to have a child.

- Bastard children
You can have bastard children with any Noblewoman, Notable or Wanderer by talking to them ("Would you like to have some time together").

- Abortion system
You can talk to the lady who's carrying your child and ask her to make an abortion, they will not always agree, based on the lady's traits.

- Adoption for bastards
You can talk to any of your bastard children (when they come of age) and ask them to join the player's clan.

Functions for Female Player:

- New pregnancy method
Prevents the game from deciding when you get pregnant and now you can decide when to have a child.

You can also have babies with other people besides your husband, like any other noble, notable or wanderer.

- Abortion system
You can talk to any tavern keeper and ask for the strongest drink (probably a feature that should never have existed.).

- Female with female pregnancy
You can also have children with other females using the same method (must be enabled in the settings).

Other Features:

-Child conception for clan members
You can tell your family and clan members, that it is time to conceive a child with their spouses.

- Culture selection for children
When the player's clan children come of age, the player will be asked to choose the culture of the child, Player's culture and Mother's culture can be chosen.

-Passive abortion mechanics
The women in Calradia can decide that the world will not be a good place for her unborn child, it is based on political inconveniences or very bad economical situation and also the lady's traits.

-Pregnancy lost risk in battles
The women who's gets involved in battles can lost their pregnancy due injuries. (Limited to player battles).

- Black Screen Effect and sounds
When you ask to pass time together with someone, there will be a black screen effect and some sounds for immersion purposes, this is a feature by TheBadListener.

The Witcher 3 sounds for the black screen effect, extracted and provided by BestGeek, all thanks to him.

How it works:

For Male Player

For Female Player

Configure :
You can configure the mod using MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) settings, or if you do not want to install it, you can configure the mod using the config.xml in the ModuleData folder. you can configure the following settings:

-Localization files are available.

-TONGBER and Irene0329 for the first mod Pregnancy Control.

What's on the way:
- Integration with a bigger mod, IT"S IN THE OVEN STILL!

-If you want to buy me a coffee  please, go ahead: Nachomastero