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(ONLY FOR YOUR CLAN) This gives you and your clan's created parties unlimited size for troops.

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Download this zip folder and extract into "...Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules".
It is safe to use mid-game, does not corrupt any saves. 

How to use:
- Install MCM and its' needed libraries.
- Before launching the game make sure you go to your Bannerlord launcher -> Mods and move Harmony 1st on the list, Butterlib 2nd and MCM 3rd.
- After launching the game, you can activate and edit the limits in "Mod Options". If you're in-game, press ESC -> Options -> Mod Options.
- To set a number precisely, instead of using the slider you can click on the number shown to the right, and it will allow you to input a number.
- Max troops limit is 10000 for clan parties and main party.

Important details: (usually does not happen since v1.0.0)
- If you activate the cheat and the limit doesn't change in-game, save and load your save, it should refresh the limits and they will change. For main-party it might only be needed to open your "party" tab to refresh the limit.
- If that doesn't work either, and you've tried moving around & waiting, then activate the cheat, save, quit and open the game again. This shouldn't be necessary but it's at last one of the options.

This mod gives the best experience with my other mods UnlimitedCAP and NoArmyRestriction.

Unlimited Party Sizes (for Main Party & Companion Parties)
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