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A simple mod that changes Sturgian culture names to Norse/Icelandic/Viking-ish names. It also re-visits the Sturgian troop tree and adds four Kingdomless clans, the other version fo the mod gives those clans settlements.

Permissions and credits
Sturgia is Norse - a Norse overhaul project
for M&B Bannerlord 1.5.7
Yes... another Sturgia overhaul mod including:
- Troop overhaul
- Noble troops are Skjaldmær (Shieldmaidens)
- Renaming of all Sturgian characters with Nordic/Norse names
- 3 custom assets (helmets combo of vanilla assets)
- In combination with Sturgia is Norse - Lords : All Sturgian nobility re-equipped (in the non-invasion versions)

planned:further work on troops to improve historical accuracy.

Initially, I just wanted to create a mod for myself, just for the pleasure of customising the game how I wanted it but now that I have achieved more than I initally thought I would be able to, I decided to publish it here for anyone to use. I have used free awesome mods for so long, I feel that this is my tiny way of giving something back...

  • The load order should be as follow (there is a screenshots of the load order in the photos of the mod):
Sandbox core
Sturgia is Norse - Lords (if you are using this mod)
Sturgia is Norse

  • I only test the game on the current version of the game, not the beta branch as I do not have enough time for extensive testing on both. Sorry!
  • This mod is unfortunately not compatible with saved games and will require a new campaign.
  • Should be comptaible with any other troop overhaul that does not touch the Sturgians
  • Any other mods that have nothing to do with troops equipements and affecting the Sturgian Culture

Optional version: SturgiaIsNorse - Norsemen Invasion
 - New norse clans now have starting settlements, stolen from the factions of Calradia! download from the file tab, choose optional file Sturgia is Norse Lords - Norsemen Invasion
 - requires Sturgia is Norse Lords - norsemen invasion to work
 - mod order is the same as for the base mod: lords above sandbox and base mod at bottom
 - I do not know how long I plan to maintain this version... this will depend if I can see that people enjoy this version so feedback is very welcome


1 - The only reason I was able to do the little I have done is thanks to genrev0914 's awesome tutorial series: . If you are interested in learning to mod check out his Youtube channel:

2 - I took inspiration from CK3, Viking Conquest, wikipedia and googling around for names. The idea came from the awesome mod Wrath of the Northmen :
This is a much more accomplished mod and the author is no doubt much more knowledgeable than I am. Download the mod, it is awesome!

3 - I am a total newbie, this is my first mod ever on any game! As such, the mod might break with new updates and I cannot guarantee that I will be able  to maintain it (though I will try my best to keep it going). I do not plan to work on the beta versions of the game so currently this works for 1.5.7, I think it works on 1.5.8 but I am not sure. If there are bugs, I will try to help but again...I am mostly clueless! :P

Download and extract in
SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules. Please refer to image gallery for load order.