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Faction overhaul mod aiming to convert the factions of Calradia to new factions inspired by the Britannic and surrounding cultures during the Viking Age. So far this mod has converted 2 factions, those being Sturgia and Battania now to appear as Nordic/Viking and Anglo-Saxon/Brtiannic factions.

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Originally a mod designed to be a Sturgian Overhaul and now with the aim to expand and become a total conversion mod focusing on many cultures during the viking age. Currently the mod boasts a conversion of Sturgia to now appear as a Northern faction. The next change in the pipeline is to refine the Vlandian faction to appear more reminiscent to that of Norman/Frankish culture and to relook at the Battanians as an (Anglo) Saxon faction. 

After booting up the game for the first time eager to create my viking warband and start raiding. I was thoroughly disappointed to realise that what I had hoped would be the Nord faction was instead this odd group of slavic men with kite shields in hand and condoms on their heads.

This mod was created to overhaul the Sturgian troops to appear more like the Northmen or Vikings I had hoped for. Pointed helmets and clown pants have been replaced by leather, chain, fur and round shields fitting of a true Nordic shield wall. The noble troop tree has now been changed to boast Shield Maiden Infantry among the ranks of the northern warriors. 

As of the latest update, Sturgian lords will no longer hold any vanilla Sturgian troops and instead having their party's consistent of northern and shield maiden troops. This replaces the slavic looking Sturgian troops. 

Any in game screenshots or pictures that you guys can get of these troops would be highly appreciated as I have been fairly limited with my ability to take quality shots.

Disclaimer: Removing this mod mid was through a save/campaign will cause problems and may stop that specific save from loading as the game will try to load the new troops which would no longer be there.

(Credit to StandingBull) Reddit post containing Earl Ingstad's Banner used in a number of the photos:

I am actively taking suggestions for the future of this mod and love all support and reporting from you guys.

I wish you good plunder in the raids to come. Skol.