Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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When stationed in towns, castles, or villages that you own, you are able to meet with petitioners and make decisions that have effects on the settlements, or your party.
Updated for 1.5.9b/1.5.8!

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NEW: Updated for 1.5.9b/1.5.8. Tested on 1.5.9b.

When stationed in a town, castle, or village that you own, you can choose the "Rulership" option to meet with a petitioner and make a decision that can have an effect on the settlement, your party, or the surrounding villages. All petitions are WIP, and is completely open to submissions through a google form! I'll add submissions to the XML files (along with credits), and other people will be able to experience the scenario that you create!

In towns, you must enter the keep to access the Rulership menu.

Included is a Settings.xml file - the adjustable parameters are:
  • petition_chance: the chance that a petition will be available when you select the menu option
  • petition_time: how long do you have to wait between seeing petitions, in hours
  • small/medium/large_gold_amount: the amount of gold to vary around for penalties/rewards at different scales
  • small/medium/large_loyalty_amount: the amount of town loyalty gain/decrease at each level
  • small/medium/large_morale_amount: the amount of party morale to gain/lose
  • s/m/large_prosperity_amount: the amount of prosperity for a settlement to gain/lost
  • s/m/large_hearth_amount: the amount of hearth for a village to gain/lose
  • s/m/large_militia_amount: the number of militiamen to gain/lose
  • s/m/large_elite_militia_amount: the number of elite militia to gain/lose
  • s/m/large_militia_reward_amount: the number of militia soldiers to add to the player party as a reward

The 2.0.0 update has changed the XML logic, as well as how it's parsed. It is now possible to add an arbitrary number of options, and to restrict certain options behind player stats! (more restriction codes coming soon)
  • int/cun/soc/end/vig/con_above_amt: restricts the option for only players who have the corresponding stat above the indicated amount.
  • is_male/is_female: obvious
  • has_enough_troops: does the player's party have more than the indicated number of troops?
These restrictions are defined with 3 attributes in the XML <option> tag: "requirement", "req_amount", and "req_nicetext". "req_amount" is the number that the player value is compared to. "req_nicetext" is the tooltip text that indicates to the player what makes a certain option available.
A compressed rulership_choices folder is available as an optional file - this will be updated more frequently than the mod itself (with new submissions), as it doesn't rely on gameplay tweaks, and will allow you to experience new scenarios without changing your settings!
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