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This mod tweaks the 'Raise The Meek' and 'Combat Tips' perks to scale with the player's level and leadership skill, as well as some other adjustments to native training.

Permissions and credits
  • Korean

- Increases training xp depending on the leadership skill of the trainer, and on the level difference between the trainer and the troop being trained.
- Awards leadership skill xp to the trainer, so that becoming a vassal isn't the only decent way to earn leadership experience.
- Introduces basic training for heroes that have neither training perk. This should help heroes to actually get up to 25 leadership skill.
- All heroes in a party will train the party's troops separately, so you can have as many trainers and whichever perks you want.
- Increases Training Field xp for garrisons.
- Options to modify fief tax income, party wages, and troop upgrade costs (To help keep AI lords from going bankrupt).
- Everything is configurable with the in-game mod options menu provided by Mod Configuration Menu, or with the config file, depending on the version of this mod you use.


You can install this mod using the Vortex mod manager. Remember to enable Training Tweak in the game launcher's mods menu.

Or you can manually install by placing the "TrainingTweak" folder in your "...\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules" folder, and enabling Training Tweak in the game launcher's mods menu. Don't forget to unblock the dll files (see 'If You Crash On Startup' section below).

If you install the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) version, make sure you also install Mod Configuration Menu, or else the game will crash on startup.

If You Crash On Startup

If your game crashes on startup:
- Make sure your mods' DLL files are unblocked.
- If using the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) version of this mod, make sure you have Mod Configuration Menu up to date, enabled, and above Training Tweak in the mod load order.

To unblock this mod's DLLs, navigate to your
"...\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\TrainingTweak\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client"
folder, right-click the TrainingTweak.dll file, click Properties, and under the General tab of the Properties window, tick the Unblock checkbox at the bottom of the menu. Repeat for the 0Harmony.dll and MCMv3.dll files. If the checkbox doesn't appear, the cause of the crash is likely elsewhere.

To move mods in the load order, go to the game launcher's Mods menu, where you can click and drag the three horizontal bars to the left of a mod name to move it in the load order.


Before posting about your issue, try these preliminary steps:
- Make sure you have the latest version of Training Tweak and all your other mods installed. You can check the version in the game launcher's Mods menu.
- Try running the game in Administrator Mode. Mod Configuration Menu requires permission to write files to your computer in order to work properly.
- Disable all mods except Training Tweak (and Mod Configuration Menu if using the MCM version), and see if the issue persists (If your save won't load without the other mods and your issue is easy to reproduce, you can try making a new campaign with only this mod enabled for testing purposes). This should help narrow down which mod is causing the issue or conflict.

If the issue is a crash, please get the log files located at "C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\logs" after crashing and attach them to a New Issue Ticket on my github (You may need to create a free Github account). The ProgramData folder is hidden by default, so if you can't find it, just copy and paste the path directly into your File Explorer's path bar. If you have a mod that provides detailed crash reporting (e.g. ModLib), please also attach a screenshot of the detailed crash report that appeared when the crash occurred.

If it is some other issue, please post a bug report here, or create a New Issue Ticket on my github (You may need to create a free Github account). 


If using the MCM version, you can configure this mod in the Mod Options menus added by Mod Configuration Menu to the game's main menu and to the in-game Escape menu.

If using the Standalone version, you can configure this mod by editing the config.xml file located at:
...\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\TrainingTweak\ModuleData\config.xml

The config file is loaded each time you load a save, so restarting the game is not required for changes to take effect. You simply need to reload your save.


  • Improved Garrisons - Improved garrisons also increases training for garrisons, so I would recommend disabling Training Tweak's Garrison Training feature if using both mods.
  • Tyni's Bannerlord Fixes and Adjustments - Both mods will add xp in parallel, so xp gain could become excessive. To disable Tyni's training feature, go into its config.xml file and set CombatTipsXpAmount, RaiseTheMeekXpAmount, and GarrisonTrainingXpMultiplier to 0.

This mod's Training Perk Overrides, Garrison Training, and Basic Training features operate independently from Bannerlord's training system, so this mod is unlikely to be broken by other mods' changes. At worst, this mod should just work in parallel to similar mods and cause excessive xp gain. However, if enabled, the perk override and garrison training features of this mod do attempt to disable Bannerlord's training systems by setting Bannerlord's training xp amounts to 0, which may cause issues in other mods that deal with training and rely on those values.

The Financial Solutions multipliers from this mod are applied using the Harmony library, so they should not interfere with native Bannerlord functionality or with any replacements implemented by another mod. If another mod changes Bannerlord's tax income or wage system, this mod will simply apply its multipliers to the values produced by that mod.


- Open to suggestions (I ran out of ideas)


Here's my source code, if you're interested: