Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod slows down army movement in Enemy Territory and speeds up army movement in Friendly Territory.

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This mod tries to simulate army movement speed by:

  1. Slows down in enemy territory.
  2. Speed up in Friendly territory.
  3. Speed unchanged in neutral territory.

When party moves into an 'At War' territory, it will slows down by 0.5.
When party moves into 'Own faction' territory, it will enjoy a speed up by 0.5.

The slow down/speedup is further adjusted based on the cultures of the party and the territory. If cultures are different, party will get a speed up. If culture is different, party will get a slow down.

After testing, the snowballing effect is reduced, because it impose an speed penalty invading and gives a speed bonus defending. It also gives possibility for retake.
For example
1. If Khuzait invades North Empire, Khuzait parties will encounter -1.0 speed penalty invading North Empire territory while North Empire parties enjoys +1.0 defending.
2. Let's say somehow Khuzait successfully invaded North Empire and tooke Ampela from North Empire. And now north empire tries to retake Ampela from Khuzait, North empire will not experience -1 speed penalty for retaking because of culture affinity with Ampela and Khuzait won't get +1 speed bonus for defending Ampela because of culture difference.

Note: Hideout will slow down everyone, so it's good to take them out. Giving taking out hideout a strategic bonus.