Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Lets you configure perks and skills effects in game.

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This mod uses MCM to allow you to configure the perk and skill effects.

Perks have a primary and a secondary effect, both can be configured to any float value. Settings are generated dynamically meaning this mod should automatically add/remove perks when the game is updated and correctly update default values after launching/loading a campaign.

Skills have a primary and a secondary bonus, in most cases the secondary bonus can be ignored, they can be configured to any float value. The skill also has an expression, normally this would be the bonus * level. If you input an expression it will be parsed using ExpressiveParser to allow common mathematical functions, this will be used instead of the normal expression letting you configure the skills scaling. Available variables are [bonus] and [level] (not case sensitive).

As an example the expression: Ceiling([level] * 0.1) * 10 * [bonus] would make the skill effect only increase every 10 levels.

This mod should be save compatible and safe to add/remove at any time.

This mod was Inspired by Tweakable Skills and Perks and is based on my Skill Effect Formula mod. 

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