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Allows taking ownership of bandit hideouts and using them to stash items and troops. Also lets you create new bandit patrol parties. Allows recruiting bandits from hideouts. Versions of this mod exist for Bannerlord e1.5.1 through e1.5.8, and e1.6.4 through e1.6.5, as well as v1.0.0. Requires MCM.

Permissions and credits
Hideout Ownership

Walk into any hideout either click 'Purchase Hideout' or wait until nightfall to take the hideout by force. The bandits in the hideout, if any yet live, and the hideout itself become a part of your clan. Friendly bandits patrol around the hideout for you and you still have the option to attack them if you really want to. If you choose to purchase the hideout, there is a one-time fee and currently no upkeep.

If ownership of a hideout is no longer desired, the hideout can be abandoned, relinquishing control of the hideout to the bandits formerly in charge. Any roaming bandit patrols stay allied to you. If you want to take ownership of the hideout again, you will have to purchase it again from the bandit leader or take it by force.

Hideout Stash

You are able to manage any owned hideout's item stash. This stash is identical to that you would find in an owned town and come with all of the related features; the item stash allows you to store any number of your items, is unique to each hideout, and persists through game saving and loading.

Additionally, troops and prisoners can be safely stashed away in owned hideouts. There are currently no limits on how many troops can be stashed in each hideout and currently you do not have to pay wages for them. There are also currently no limits on the number of prisoners that can be stashed away and they do not appear to be able to escape. I have not tested this with hero prisoners.

Patrol Parties

After taking ownership of a hideout, you can create bandit patrol parties who go and patrol around your hideout, attacking hostile parties they feel they can beat. After creation of a patrol party, they will remain idle in the hideout until they are dispatched with the "Dispatch Patrol Parties" option, which instructs all parties in the hideout to begin patrolling. Currently you do not have to pay wages for these patrol parties. From an owned hideout, you can recall bandit parties to instruct them to return to the hideout. Additionally, bandit patrol parties can be managed through the clan party menu, where they can be disbanded if desired. Even though they are visible on the clan party menu, these patrol parties do not count against your clan's party limit.

The owned bandit patrol parties have a custom and simplistic AI; they will patrol around the hideout and hunt hostile parties until they run low on food or high on prisoners. If either of those happens, they will return to the hideout and attempt to take food from the patrol food store, an inventory where the player can manage food stocks intended to be consumed by bandit patrols, as well as deposit any loot and prisoners. 

When patrol parties take food from the patrol food store, they will prioritize taking the cheapest foods they find. Once they take enough food from the food store, they leave the hideout and resume their patrol.

Any loot that a patrol party deposits into the hideout will go directly into the hideout's item stash, and any prisoners into the hideout's prisoner stash.

Bandit Recruitment

This mod also gives you the option to recruit bandits from hideouts. This recruits troops from parties that are currently stationed in hideouts, so it should allow for natural replenishment of bandit troops in hostile hideouts as they spawn over time and enter the hideout, although this hasn't yet been thoroughly tested.

Mod Configuration

The mod can be configured on the main menu or through the pause menu in-game. This is provided through MCM, which should be installed separately. Currently the hideout cost is configurable, and the components of the mod, including patrol parties, hideout ownership and bandit recruitment, can be enabled/disabled.

Source code at

Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback in the 'Posts' section.

Future plans in no particular order:
  • Have to pay wages for troops stashed away in hideout
  • Have to pay wages for bandit patrols
  • Maybe dialog options with bandit leader, for purchasing hideout or just flavor
  • Skills should have some impact on how you take hideouts
  • Owned hideouts help train roguery, maybe impact criminal rating
  • Option for the hideout to go away when abandoned
  • Walk around in hideout like with villages
 Old, currently implemented plans:
  • Close the hideout menu when you click claim or abandon hideout
  • Stash troops in hideout
  • Stash prisoners in hideout
  • Have to pay money depending on hideout troop wages to claim hideout
  • Remove the option to raid the hideout if you own it
  • Put source code on github
  • Make the hideout show up as green on the map immediately
  • Recruit bandit troops from hideouts (allied hideouts or not)
  • Pay money for bandit troops
  • Mod configuration with MCM
  • Configurable hideout cost
  • Create new bandit patrol parties with your own troops
  • Manage patrol parties
  • Hideout submenus
  • Better owned bandit patrol AI
  • Better bandit patrol food management
  • Wait in hideout option
  • Option to take hideout by force rather than with money
  • Fix popup and issue with no loot when taking the hideout by force