Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod allows the player to have a chance at looting any of the items that are carried by enemies killed in battle.

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I have been annoyed for quite some time about the quality of items that I receive as loot in Bannerlord. You can kill dozens of enemies wearing nice metal helmets, but you will have ZERO chance of ever looting one. Due to the highly inflated item prices in the game, most of the items that you would actually want to receive as loot are considered to be too valuable to be given as loot. This reduces enemies like sea raiders to dropping leather shoes and scarves as their armor loot.

The other annoyance with looting is the various modifiers that are applied to the items that do drop. Just from looters alone you can receive a commoners shirt, a torn commoners shirt, a tattered commoners shirt and perhaps a fine commoners shirt. Kill several parties of looters and your inventory soon fills up with dozens of similarly named garbage items. It’s just a damn shirt, I don’t need four or five versions of it.

This mod ditches the modifiers and gives you a chance to loot anything carried by enemies slain in battle. If the developers did not want you looting these items, then common soldiers should not be carrying them into battle.

The only issue with looting high tier items is the astronomical value of some of them. Sea Raiders carry a javelin (the harpoon) that is worth more than 100k. Loot of that value could be rather unbalanced. Therefore I highly recommend that you also use my other mod Make Everything Cheaper:

There is also a second version of this mod with a reduced chance of looting hyper-valuable items. The more expensive the item, the lower the chance of it dropping. Every item still has a chance to drop as loot. With the reduced version you have a 25% chance of looting something worth 20K and 1% chance of looting something worth 500K. I personally run the reduced chance version along with the price reducer linked above.

Save Game Safe!
You can add and remove this mod at any time. It does not save any data to the save file. It can be added to an existing game. If you remove the mod looting will return to normal.

Compatibility With Other Mods
This mod overrides the GetLootedItemFromTroop method of the DefaultBattleRewardModel class. It will conflict with any mod that attempts to change the same code. You should only have one mod that changes the DefaultBattleRewardModel.

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