Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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1.Create New Heroes
2.Create New troops
3.Create Custom Item
4.Create Mercenary Clan
5.Create New Culture
6.Create New Kingdom
7.Create New Settlements(Soon)

This was designed to start from 1 and then progress to next.

Permissions and credits
This is my compilation of how to mod through XML for the clueless

I was inspired to create this tutorial because vacation is ending, and I have to go back to school, modding tools will be released soon and I made this so maybe some new modders will rise, at least that's what I hope for.

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert or something, I’m just bored and just shared what I learned from tinkering on xml files during quarantine period. If any of my term or guide is wrong, please correct me on comment section. :)

Please Check My Other mods:
Village of Mercenaries - Lets you hire all mercenary exclusive units in settlements.
She will always be your brother - Make your story brother, your sister.
Merchant City - A new settlement, The most Prosperous Town in Calradia, Making a caravan here provides Elite guards.
Looting Looters - Make Looters have a random equipments
Ronin - Mercenaries - Samurai-like Mercenaries
Giants (Not Really)- Introduces Big guys to the game, they are sturgians, they can knock you down with their clubs
No Idle Hands - Let you use 1 handed weapons to alternative 2 handed usage
Knock Me Out Senpai - Blunt arrows can knockdown,(Optional) all militias are equipped with this arrows
Super Hero - Added atleast 1, 2 , or 6 OP heroes to each of a kingdom of your choosing
Mercenary Caravan Guard - Mercenaries inside tavern are now a mercenary clan, caravan units also has a mercenary clan
Supreme Kingdom - (e1.4.1) added 1 OP kingdom, will be updated on e1.4.3 stable
Ronin - (e1.4.1) added 1 OP kingdom, will be updated on e1.4.3 stable
Heavy Mercenaries - Mercenary clan base for each faction, fitted with the heaviest armor the vanilla game has.
Deathmatch - Make Sturgia and Western empire the only kingdom standing.