Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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This mod make looters have all the armors and weapons of every unit of empire/(optional)all faction
all of empire's unit armors and weapons are shuffled to make it look like they looted from the aftermath of the battle.
Their stats and old rag clothes are still included so they are sti

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Why did I do this?

First, I made this mod because I think it makes more sense to see looters wearing their "Looted" arms and armors instead of them selling it on black market?? or in town, where they don't have an access.

Second, Its not very appealing to attack 8 or 13 or 20 units of looters wearing rags because there's not much spoils in it(unless they have good prisoners) and this will give them more prisoners for you to be liberated

Third, even using other mods that combine looter parties to make it up to 200 or 300 unit of looters, when archers shoot them from afar, they will just run as soon as they lose 50% of their party so this mod helps them give a chance to get close only to get massacred... XD

Fourth, I just think its fun. :)

For latest file... (all faction armor)
Added looter classification (Medium, Heavy) and are set to rare, can be changed anytime on party template file (Minimum and Maximum)
Can be installed on existing save but "might" not uninstall because I added 2 unit. If you don''t want that, the empire armors only can be install and uninstall midgame. So please backup your save file

Changelog on All factions armor
-Added some mules on Heavy looters
-Made Looter (Tier1) upgradable to medium armed Looters (Tier 2) then heavy armed looters
-Made heavy looter (Tier 3)  upgradable to empire  tier 4 units
-Fix unarmed looters and now all looters now have throwing stone.

I have updated the mod image to show the example there how to adjust the number of looters in a party, if it's too hard to start a new game, you may lower the min_value and max_value, and if you want to make it harder, you can increase that values.


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