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ReShade preset to get rid of the "Blur" and make the game have a more "Natural" look with better "Lighting and Color"....

Permissions and credits
Reshade preset: Make the game look better, less Blur and better Lighting & Color for a more natural look.

                     Effects used:

                                      Scroll down for installation instructions.

Preset was made at Max graphic settings and ingame "Sharpen Amount" set at: 9.63 
With the following disabled: Bloom/Depth of field/Film-grain/Motion Blur    
                                   ~Also will depend on your monitor calibration~

                                To increase FPS turn "Clarity" off....
            Here's a good video tutorial for installing Reshade: " "
Step 1: Download Link: ReShade.
Step 2: Install ReShade:
After downloading run the program ReShade_Setup_#.#.#.exe.                              
                  Press - Click Here to select a game.
Select: BannerlordStarter (Bannerlord.exe) and press: Use selected application button at bottom.
                  When asked "which rendering API does BannerlordStarter use" select "Direct3D 10/11/12"
                  When asked to "Select effect packages to install" only check "Legacy standard effects" at
                                             (Standard effects are always loaded and can't be unchecked)
                      Hit OK button at bottom. 
                 Select "Standard effects" files to install - uncheck all and hit "OK"  

                 Select "Legacy standard effects"  select the following effects only:
                 Hit "OK" and now you can close Reshade (with the x on top right) its now installed.
Step 3:  Manually download "Sharp and Clear Reshade" file from Nexus.                
                      Unzip file and place in:
                       "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client"
                    Or where ever you have Steam installed. You should see the Bannerlord.exe & Reshade file.

Step 4: Setup ReShade
  • Run Mount&Blade Bannerlord and ReShade should automatically start and begin decompiling  shaders, once it's done press HOME key to enter ReShades menu, press skip tutorial.
  •      On the Home tab and in the first drop-down box select the "Sharp and Clear Reshade.ini" you downloaded in the last step, ReShade will then recompile shaders.
  •      Preset should now be installed and working. Press the "Home" key to close Reshade.
  •      You can change hotkey and set one to turn Reshade on or off in settings tab.
To uninstall ReShade and this preset navigate to your directory. Delete the files (this preset), 'dxgi.dll', 'ReShade.ini' and 'dxgi.log' also delete the folder 'reshade-shaders'.
                                                                     ~ Enjoy the game ~