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Causes strong hits to vital body parts such as the torso and head to bleed-out, or even kill units.

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Xorberax's "Deadly Combat"
Makes combat much more deadly, as hits to vital body parts, such as the head and torso can result in instant death or a quick bleed-out. Good armor and a shield is much more crucial to have, as arrows and a typical rusty sword going through your chest or head are going to kill you. Bleeding-out occurs quickly, and will slow a unit (or horse) down to a crawl as they meet their final seconds in life. A well-aimed stab or arrow can mean life or death.

This mod applies to everyone (you, and all units). Do not use this mod unless you're fairly experienced in Mount & Blade's combat, or are prepared to die.

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Installation Instructions:
  1. Extract the "XorberaxDeadlyCombat" folder into "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules" 
  2. Launch Mount and Blade Bannerlord and enable "Xorberax's Deadly Combat" under Singleplayer mods.
  3. Stab someone in the chest, send an arrow into their face, or bop them in the head with your hilt.