Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Formerly named Slow Looters: Modify unit speed on the campaign map: Looters, Bandits, Villagers, Caravans & the Main Party available.

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Custom Map Speeds (Formerly Slow Looters)

Looters are slowed down to be 9% slower. 

This means a small looter pack now runs at 4.5 speed and scales down from there.  Other units can be changed as well with the configuration file.

The following can be changed in the configuration file:
Steppe Bandits
Desert Bandits
Mountain Bandits
Forest Bandits
Sea Raiders

You will need to go to SlowLooters\ModuleData and edit the values in the Custom.config.xml file.  Looters are set to -0.09 by default and all others are set to 0 (no changes).  If you want to slow down any other units, update the value to a negative number.  

I haven't done extensive testing with Caravans yet, but my guess is that slowing them down will decrease your income from them, so keep that in mind.

You can also update the name of the unit if your version of Bannerlord doesn't have the English names for units.