Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Adds a new encyclopedia page for items. Presents the item, which heroes/troops use it and town/village prices.

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  • Korean
This mod adds another category in the encyclopedia for items. You can filter the items based on type or use the search box.

The item page shows:
Items tooltip
Materials yielded when smelt
Weapon parts
Units/Heroes using it
Towns with workshop/villages that produce it.
Prices for buying/selling to towns/villages.

For unknown reasons the item flags are invisible unless the page was opened while in inventory. 
The weapon usages can not be clicked, instead there is a button that cycles through the different weapon usages.
Weapons/armor will show up for towns with workshops such as smithy, It does not mean the town will definitely craft these items.
The Town/Village prices should be accurate for the players party.
For towns you can see the current item count in its inventory. For non goods, this value may differ from what you can actually buy. 

This mod should be save compatible and safe to add/remove at any time.
This mod should work with custom/modded troops and items.

Other modders feel free to do whatever you want with this mod.

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