Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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1.4.1 & 1.4.2! Town finances, village property investments(wheat fields/fishing boats/clay pits etc.), bank accounts, loans, caravan tariffs, caravans rebuild themselves, extra rents, food export and much more!

Permissions and credits
This mod adds some financial helps for you and your clan. It helps with world economy through settlement support and caravan rebuilding.

Disclaimer: The images of the mod are taken from a mod pack with "Bannerlord Tweaks" and "Light's Prosperity" so the out of the ordinary prosperity numbers are not from this mod.

  • Banks ( One account contract with a city, interest rates, loans, investments in landowners or gang leaders etc. for their influence )
  • Village investments ( Invest in whatever villages rely on - passive income + villages produce more or keep what they produce to take home )
  • Option to keep what villages produce instead of selling them ( You can invest in villages with iron mines and use the ore directly for smithing for example )
  • Caravan tariffs ( Your caravans will give you tariffs based on the leader's steward and trade skills, can increase with tariff perk )
  • Caravans rebuild themselves ( After a captured caravan leader is released, they will start a new caravan in the city they arrive at )
  • Owned Town finances ( Add extra rents, export superfluous food, send militia to work elsewhere for profit )
  • Owned Town Support ( Lords will support their poor cities with donations if their budgets fall below 15,000. Players can choose to do this in the menu )
  • Ability to buy caravans and workshops directly from the town menu instead of searching for the seller and loading the town area
  • Displays in clan finance menu for banks and investments
  • Full income support in the gold increase menu
  • Trade menu is moved to the new "business square" menu as "Market" for consistency and compactness of menus.
  • Extensive configuration with Mod Configuration Menu

Some mods that go well with this one:

Known Issues:
  • Loading a save with the mod in it, then loading a save without the mod in it will cause the mod data to copy to the save without the mod in it. For now, if you want to open a save without the mod in it for the first time, open it as the first thing you do when the game launches.

The Mod is save game compatible meaning that you can load an existing save with the mod, BUT after loading a world with the mod you won't be able to remove the mod and still have the save work. Make backups if you are not sure about keeping the mod.